Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bali is not a place to visit as a tourist

Being part of a country where death penalties are used should send a message to every tourist that this place is best to be left alone. Combine it with the fact that death penalties can be issued for other than murder is yet another signal. Combine it with the fact that even the legal process have flaws it should send a message not even to consider it for any travel purpose at all.

It is not that the so-called Bali 9 group faces executions. It is the arrest and imprisonment of two Australian women which prove that this Island is simply too dangerous for any person to visit. Schapelle Corby was arrested for smuggling drugs into Indonesia. No smuggler in the world would take drugs from where they are expensive to a place where they are cheap. The entire concept for drugs trafficking is based on profit. Her arrest and the Courts decision to destroy the evidence long before the legal process including appeals was over speak of a cover up.

Then taken into consideration that the arrest and deportation of the Australian top-model Michelle Leslie included extortion and possible political connections combined with the fact that she was forced to change faith in order to reduce the risk of sexual molestation or rape skips Bali as a tourist target entirely.

A message has been sent by the authorities in Bali: “We don’t want tourists here”

Please listen to their message so you don’t become their next victim.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Positive news but improvements can be achieved

Positive news has reached us during this winter break. Fewer students – only 900 compared to 8,000 the previous years – have chosen to go to Prague. The in general xenophobic population down there did send a message to tourists stating that they were not welcome in their town.

Still – 900 are too many. This number needs to be dropped so the students can party in Denmark where the taxation and the revenue from the sale of alcohol will benefit the Danish citizens and the industry which produce it. It is really a question about maintaining the employment rate.

Hopefully 2016 would be the year no Danish student will go abroad. There never was any cultural or internationally benefit from these trips. The marketing material provided from the Hotels showed a country without nothing other but pubs, bars and disco parties too offer. It was that culture which sold the Czech Republic and it proved to be false marketing.

It is kind of sad that the 900 students will experience a bad week but it is with these trips like Nigerian scam letters. There will always be some victims. It is question about informing the consumers hoping to make them aware of the dangers but you will never reach them all.

These years with many students abroad will result in a political reaction later this year where the Danish voters will be asked to enter a closer relationship with the European Union regarding police work and extradition processes. The shameful process where some students were sentenced to pay for damages despite the fact that they had escaped the Czech Republic has resulted in a massive outrage against any closer co-corporation with the European Union. It seems that something good would come from the ordeal the Danish students have been put through down there.

But for now we will just enjoy the fact that the Danish students will buy Danish when it comes to spending money on their winter break.