Thursday, August 30, 2012

In some countries paying the officials are the only option

We have learned that a Danish businessman named Kent Kristensen is suffering in Romania because he failed to pay the right people when he tried to expand his business activities to this country.

He is now serving 7 years in prison if he survives the ordeal. All because he failed to pay officials while he had business activities down there and when he returned to Denmark they conducted a secret trial where he hadn’t the opportunity to hire a lawyer to defend himself.

Back in Denmark he married and got a daughter. The mother who was from another country had personal issues and fled Denmark with the child. The mother was arrested in Spain. When he flew down to get the child back he was arrested by the Spanish police and it was only then he learned of the trial in Romania.

The daughter ended up in a Spanish Asylum for children. The mother ended in a Spanish jail and he was extradited to Romania where they now are trying to get money out of him in exchange of him getting his medication and proper food.

The Danish authorities are trying to get the authorities down there to transfer him to Denmark but the authorities in Romania are not interested in letting their own citizens serve out their sentence where they belong – in Romania. In Denmark every 10th prisoner is a foreigner thanks to efficient ethnic profiling by the Danish police. If Romania and Denmark exchanged prisoners they will suffer economically due to the criminal nature of the tourists from Romania visiting Denmark.

So he is stuck and maybe he will only be able to return in a coffin.

We must warn Danish businessmen from conducting any kind of business with Romania. Their type of justice doesn’t allow failure or loss. In Denmark we are adjusted to the fact that risks taken in business transactions are not punishable. A number of Danish banks have filed for bankruptcy and the management is seldom held accountable because it is in the nature of conducting business to accept the risk of loss.

The business culture is simply too different and in Romania there are too many officials to pay off before business activities can take place.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warning about Universities in England

We have to issue a warning against studying at some universities in the United Kingdom.

It seems that some of them like Manchester universities have introduced "new-campus" rules which prevent normal levels of socializing in the students spare time.

Danish students have also informed us that it is very difficult to get their credits obtained in England back to Denmark as the Danish Universities with the new law from 2010 maintain a very strict control with the curriculum exchange students have abroad.

In 2010 the Danish parliament introduced a new law where they have banned the use of the word "university" outside institutions acknowledged by the Danish Department of Education. In the past we had a lot of foreign exchange students attending Danish universities like KnightBridge University and Open Arab University in Denmark because their level of education was too low for them to be accepted in the state-approved universities.

The Danish parliament voted foreign exchange students out but in the process they forced the official universities to introduce a stricter control with Danes who choose to study abroad for some time, so they couldn't choose a diploma mill abroad. If you as a Danish student want to study abroad please plan for two years before you leave Denmark. Otherwise you will end up wasting time when you return home and the foreign credits are not accepted.

So be very careful before you consider studying in England.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Indonesia is not a place for tourists

A Danish woman got 5 years in prison when she became victim of a familiar scam in Indonesia. Some policemen approach you who seem to be well off financially compared to the local population.

They ask for some protection money and when you deny they throw you with a bag of drugs and you find yourself arrested on a drug charge. It did happen for the Australian Supermodel Michelle Leslie.

Evidence is easy tampered with and if you demand an independent investigation with DNA, they will burn the evidence. It did happen with the case of Schapelle Corby. She was arrested of smuggling drugs the wrong way into Indonesia, which would be rather foolish because the normal method is to smuggle drugs out of Indonesia.

Fact remains that Indonesia is not for tourist. I will call for calling all traveling to Indonesia off until the Dane is freed and Schapelle Corby has been sent back to Australia.

Only when they are safe back in their home countries, we can believe that the country is ready for tourists.



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tragic death 3 year in a row

The death of a 19 year old high school student in France last week marks the third year where one of the students did not return home alive.

It seems that the Danish student fell from the fifth floor of a hotel where he wasn't living. He went there to visit some Polish students which would have been odd just a few years ago, but high school students of today are encouraged to establish an international network with peers in order to improve their position in a time with global competition.

Some newspapers have been buzy pointing out that alcohol could be a factor. However the French police have started an investigation where they held back students from a lot of countries. Alcohol doesn't seem to play a key role in this tragedy.

Secondly these trips would not be attended by the students if alcohol would be prohibited. Work in the department of Humane Ressource in Danish firms does often only consist of 2 tasks: Arranging the right environment for the employees so they can enjoy their friday beer and then 5 minutes it takes to conduct the so-called development evaluation every second year.

If the students don't learn how to socialize inside the Friday bar at the high school, they will stand few chances once they start to seek a full-time job.

The death last week is a challenge for parents who have children in high school. Should they recommend their children to stay home from these trips or should they let their children do as generations high school students before them did? It is not a question which are easy to answer.

We are talking foreign police forces in this case. They don't have access to modern forensic like the Danish police has neither do they seem to have the education to conduct a real investigation.

Sending your children abroad while they are in school is a project which includes the risk of letting your child paying the highest price possible.

It is impossible to pass advice about this subject. You as a parent just have to believe your guts.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bulgaria wants back to the good old communist rule

According to various sources in the tourist industry the citizen in the parts of Bulgaria serving the tourism industry had expressed wishes about returning to the good old days when the country was under communist rule and become an isolated state.

Fact is that Bulgaria has beaten Ibiza as one of the most popular vacation places in Europe.

There is no reason at all to visit Bulgaria unless you will attend a binge drinking party. This country has nothing else to offer.

But it is not all.

Tourists who are so unlucky that they get ill during their holiday should be very careful as there are doctors and entire hospitals down there which will try to fool the patients to buy extra treatment not covered by the normal travel insurance.

That is worrying because Bulgaria has been targeted by students who want peace and quietness while they study for their finals. Various travel agencies are arranging holiday packets targeted against young students.

I would be very careful and not chose Bulgaria for my next holiday. If you have your health as a high priority, I guess you will avoid Bulgaria as well.

Sources (In Danish)