Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gay Mills, Wisconsin is not a place for exchange students

We have received reports about a case where a 17 year old girl had her stay as exchange student in Gay Mills, Wisconsin terminated because she had consensual sex with a boy of the same age.

In Denmark it is legal for two persons aged above 15 to have sex with each other. It is a Romeo and Juliet law because a person aged above 18 can be punished if the partner is below 18. But the fact is that the laws in Wisconsin are very similar to laws seen in the Middle East. Short to say: It is not a safe place for Danish Exchange Students to study.

Beside the middle age laws about relationships the state has no proper schools. Having asked the Danish department of education the answer is that credits earned in any school in Wisconsin cannot be transferred to Denmark to the huge difference in the quality of education. The Danish school system is simply too advanced compared to the so-called schools they operate in Wisconsin.

The exchange student agencies who arrange these stays in Wisconsin should stop their traffic because it puts our students in a dangerous position. In fact it also endangers the local youth because they risk registration as sex offender the rest of their lives just because they had sex with a partner aged the same as themselves on a consensual basis.

The two companies which are involved in this case are the US-based CETUSA and the Danish company Explorius. Please stop using them until they have made a press-release where they announce that they would no longer send Danish Exchange Student to state where the age of the exchange student is below the age limit for consensual sex.

The two firms must either comply or we will start a campaign to ensure the safety of our students. This case must never be repeated.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

India stops Danish tourists

It has been reported that Danes who want to choose India as destination for their holiday should consider otherwise.

The authorities in New Delphi have intervened against the humanitarian tourists who enter India to spend a mixture of a holiday and aid in India. Typically they volunteer for a number of days in group homes or hospitals.

But the recent extradition case of a Danish humanitarian has brought attention to this form of holiday and has angered the central government in New Delphi who believes that they govern a modern state. New set of rules has prevented many of them from entering India. Tourists are recommended to find other places where their aid can be useful.

Continued aid to the general population who unlike the political elite up in New Delphi suffers disclose to the world that India is poor undeveloped country which should not have been allowed to exist from the very start.

Fact is that India is founded on violence and has been expanding on violence. When the British had saved the population from the Japanese attacks during World War II they wanted out and the states that had been the core of the peninsula for centuries were given 3 choices.

  • They could join the India central government being governed by the political elite in the central government.
  • They could have their own independent state.
  • They could join Pakistan as an alternative.

States like Junagadh, Hyderabad, Bilaspur, Bhopal and Travancore were forced to become a part of India. In 1960 India suddenly attacked the areas Portugal was negotiating to transfer to India. Peaceful talks and negotiations have never been something the central government in New Delphi has been used to.

So we are talking of a non-democratic state (proven in Danish court 2012 as part of the extradition case) which believe that they had a role to play in the international community. Even neighboring countries like Ceylon had to endure their interference. They were however taught a lesson by a freedom fighter named Thenmozhi Rajaratnam.

The aid given by Danish tourist is an embarrassment for the central government. That is why Danish tourists have been targeted. It doesn't matter much. In fact Denmark would not suffer if trade between our countries would be brought to a full stop. In Denmark workers from India has only brought suffering and hunger as when they provided cheap labor in the CSC conflict. For young Danes their interference have resulted in a lowering of students seeking jobs inside the information technologies sector as they would not be able to feed their families for the low salaries the outcome of the CSC-conflict has resulted in.

There is a general concern that other third world countries which concern themselves very little of the wellbeing of their population would walk down the same path as India. Denmark has a large industry dealing with human-aid projects in the third world. Bribes which are necessary to be in that area results in kickbacks to the Danish industry who sells luxury goods to officials and politicians. Jobs could be at stake.

For the Danish tourists this situation could open their minds for aid to Danish citizens who has been suffering by the removal of early retirement and cuts in students grants. The time for aid abroad made by ordinary citizens has come to an end. The Danish population who are among the people in the world who are suffering at most could really use the help and aid from their common citizens.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Niels Holck case: Here we go again

For some reasons the central government in New Delhi wants the Danish author and humanitarian Niels Holck extradited. In order to help the population in a remote part of India called West Bengal he was approached by a Danish businessman who acted on behalf of the British Secret Service and the central government in India.

They were not happy with the present government in this particular state. They killed local citizens and because the operation Holck was a part of failed, West Bengal continues to suffer from low Human Development Index level, substandard healthcare services, a lack of socio-economic development, poor infrastructure and political corruption and civil violence. The population has no work morale and engages in strikes all the time.

To make the operation a success the Indian radar monitoring the borders between Pakistan and India was shut off. We are talking of a border between two countries that have been in war several times. Why take such risk unless you know what kind of plane which will pass the border.

When the delivery went wrong the authorities had no choice but to order the plane down and arrest the people involved. Then the interesting question is: How did Holck escape? Fact is that the central government in India knew of the paper trail in Denmark. They just couldn't kill him off. So they aided him out of the country.

So why are they trying to get him extradited now, when they helped him back then?

Because in New Delhi new people are in charge. The butchers in the Ghandi family have been killed off by martyrs representing citizens who have been attacked by the central government and the present government does not want a new Ghandi in charge. Could they prove that people placed high in the administration had aided Holck they could get some of the old supporters out.

So if it is just a question about domestic politics why am Holck not safe in India?

Because there are supporters of the old regime in the prison system. No prisoner is safe if the individual gives India a bad name. Just look at the high profiled rape case which brought headlines in every corner of the world. It was a case the government didn't need because it also gave coverage on the general viewpoint of women in India. Women and children in India are dying every day because they are accused of witchcraft. Yes here in the new millennium this is still ongoing.

The main suspect in the rape case was put in the most secure prison in India in a special unit where he could be protected from other inmates and he was under special observation from the employees.

Suddenly he is found dead. Suicide they say. But there is not a single person who doubts this ruling. We all knew how damaged India's reputation was due to this rape. Not because some men raped a woman. It happens in every country. No, the case was an embarrassment for India because people didn't help the woman.

The government had to catch some random people and get them hanged so they could show the world that justice had been done. If some of the suspects happened to have an alibi they had to secure that they were silenced.

The same goes for Holck. What he knows is dangerous for some of the old members of the central government. Holck's knowledge could decide who will win the next election. They will silence him for sure before the trial could come to an end.

That is why Holck never should be extradited to India.

But shouldn't he be prosecuted?

Of course he should - in Denmark!

We need to teach our children that they should not concern themselves with the conditions in the third world. Aid to the third world is a matter for governments and the industry. It is a question about politics and trade. It is not something about who is starving.

When Danes do crimes abroad in third world countries it has been a custom to smuggle them home to Denmark and convict them hard. An aid worker has some unhealthy relationships with children in Madagascar. He was sentenced in Denmark because the courts in Madagascar didn't have the quality to secure a correct sentence.

Fact is that the courts in India also lack the quality to handle such a high profile case. If they really want him to testify, then let him be convicted in full public in Denmark so they can get the ammunition for their next election.

India am talking about making it harder to conduct trade between Denmark and India. Is that not a threat?

Not exactly. They will make it harder for Danish tourists to spend some of their holiday aiding the poor the government down there doesn’t care about anyway. We will write about that later this month.

And as a lot of Danish workers know, we could live without Indian strikebreakers. Remember the CSC conflict. Here secured cheap labor from India hunger in Denmark. The actions of these strikebreakers meant the education in Information Technologies is wasted for Danish youth because they would not be able to earn a decent salary once they leave school and seek work.

There is nothing lost if outsourcing to India will be stopped. Our only problem would be where to put our worn out ships and where we can import pesticide products to our farmers from. Such products need to be produced in area where none would bother if chemicals slips out into the surrounding areas but this problem should be something we should be able to solve.

What does ordinary Danes think about this case

We as Danes are tired of the Niels Holck case. Living in a superior culture with a justice system with a standard beyond any system in the rest of the world this extradition case is hard to understand.

India needs to understand their place in the world and to be put into place. No what the consequences the Danish government needs to stop fooling around and make it clear that our courts have spoken. They have condemmed the system in this third world country. They should ignore any communication from India. In years to come the interest in this case will die out and perhaps some day India will come to the conclusion that they need to go some distance before they can be considered to be a real democracy our part of the world would respect.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Once again Danish tourists are unfairly targeted in France

Six high school students were unfairly treated by a hotel in Val d'Isère. Complaints who were not documented led to them being thrown out of the hotel where they were staying.

The travel company Nortlander was of no use and it is not recommended to use such a company. More in general purchase of good from France and travel destinations should be considered very carefully as a general dislike of Danes and our values. For the last decade Danish tourists have tried to act more like British tourists who due to size of their once so widespread empires have the experience in visiting foreign cultures.

But there are small communities which are hostile forwards tourists. It is basically xenophobia. France is slowly becoming such a place. It is not clear whether it is the raising retirement age which is the cause but it could very well be the case. The population down there has not known struggling and they have been able to retire almost a full decade before the workers in other European countries. The retirement age in all of Europe is about to be harmonized but they still miss some years before they reach the same retirement age as in Denmark where it is 67 years. It seems that every year they are pushed result in violence and strikes.

The laziness of the people in France is almost a legacy and now they are taking their frustration out against innocent tourists. It would be better to stay out of France until they have been taught to work as hard and as long as people in the rest of Europe.

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