Thursday, June 22, 2023

Travel agencies are in the the quick money (Bali situation)

Years ago many Danish students were lured to Praque which suddenly decided to market themselves as the underage party capital of Europe. Most thought - yes, they were part of the countries which lost the cold war and decided to become members of the European Union so they could milk the other members states making the Danish membership of the European Union a bad business case.

Problem was that it was not the city which marketed themselves as the party capital. It was a number of travel agencies, a number of hotels and a number of bars in Praque, which decided to go for the easy money.

Some 15,000 Danish youth went to Praque and it resulted in chaos for the local citizens who were not ajusted to who we Danish throw a party. We of course know that any new years eve party in the central parts of Copenhagen result in dumpster being burned, McDonalds put of fire (I do not know the cause for this) and fights and vandalism. We are used to that. Parts of Copenhagen like Noerrebro has been like that for many years. And it not only restricted to Copenhagen, ask citizens in Slagelse about the north of the city and citizens of Odense about Vollsmose. I could go on like this.

A campaign was launced to warn youth about the scam from the travel industry and possible show trials like in the communist days down there and the youth remained home after some years.

Peace was restored. The Danish authories went after Danish travel agencies who had posted photos of happy youth because a place like Praque where underaged teenagers cannot drink, can not produce happy teenagers. The travel agencies were fined heavily in Danish courts.

Now we have to look at how Bali is marketed

A present case is about a Danish woman, who made the foolish choice to ride a motorbike dressed in a skirt. As most women know skirts might provide the possible for men to look at what is under. Also as men in Scotland about this.

A local guy who wanted to become offended took a video and reported this video to the authorities. The woman was arrested and she is now risking 10 years in prison.

While the foreign department is helping the woman who was tricked into visiting a country which is not how it is sold in Denmark where it is marketed as an eastern version of Ibiza or the Sunny Beach, it is important to go after the travel agencies. They must stop their marketing of Bali and the rest of the area. It is clear that they as a country is not ready to pay the cost of mass tourism. If they want to keep themselves without turists it is OK and accepted. In Denmark there are also organizations like Post Pandemic Flag Carriers who wants to reduce tourism. In Copenhagen some policians want tourists to go home at 10:00, forcing restaurants and bars to close at that time unless they are within a special tourist area.

Tourism is a problem for many countries and Bali certain has the legislation to make tourists wish they never considered that part of the world for holidays.

So let us first help this poor Danish woman who was victim of a scam to get out of Bali before she is forced to commit to another kind of God just like a Australian fashion model was forced to in order to avoid rape. Next we need to go after the travel agencies so they stop selling trips to that part of the world, so the local population can continue to live in peace.


Saturday, October 1, 2022

Snack in one country. Illegal in another

Some people did not learn the lesson of the pandemic and they are paying the price.

In 2021 a Danish 21 year old woman named Anna Søby Poulsen passed her gymnasium exam with top grade. A year later she was arrested with the possibility of facing 15 years in prison. Her crime. Buying a local snack in Peru which she did not use before she traveled to Panama where she was arrested. She got out in the end but are now facing a life-long debt.

The lesson she should have learned is that the era of turism is over. The new world is about remaing at home and work on how to improve the country you are living in. The war between Russia and Ukraine not to mention the pandemic, displayed our vulnerability in terms of getting food and other resources to Denmark. A lot of Danes cannot afford food, electricity and heating.

The young woman bought Coca-leaves in Peru where they are sold openly on the streets. Coca-leaves were the exact reason that the Spanish people who came to South America were able to transform wilderness into the civilized countries as they enbled the locals to be more motivated. Today coca-leaves are enjoyed as snack in Peru and other countries in South America.

That is not the case in Panama which is a country that has reinvented itself as the banking headquater in that area. Firms and private citizens have moved their money to Panama thanks to the level of transparacy in their banking sector. The people employed in their banks do not need coca leaves to function. Not even when they expanded the channel which the United States basically gifted them. In fact they own their entire independence to the United States. Otherwise they would basically only have been a province in another country none would have looked at.

So Coca leaves are illegal in Panama because they agreed to join the United States war on drugs coming from poor people. In the United States it is only legal to kill people using drugs if the drugs are manifactored by big medical companies. Everything that looks poor and mexican or colored are criminalized.

All this the Danish woman did not know and that is a sign that young Danes are not taught properly to mentally shut them off from the surrounding world. We already forgot how hard it was to get the Danes back home when the Chinese illness spread all over the world.

The young woman by accident left some Coca leaves in her luggage and the police in Panama arrested her. It took a lot of legal aid to escape the 15 years in prison but she managed and returned back to Denmark with a huge debt of 1,2 million DKK. The courts and officials in Panama needed a little sidemoney to make the prison conditions survivable and lawyers are not that cheap in Panama either because they are used to bill banks helping them to hide money from the tax authorities abroad.

Question is: Should we help this young woman who know have put up a side to get help handling her legal debt? Should we not use this oppertunity to warn young Danes from going abroad instead? 

Peru might look fine but it is not a tourist destination when they do not warn people in the airport against buying any kind of souvenir in their country. With this widespead use of coca leaves traces of it would be basically on every item you buy.

Panama is fine for banking business if you want to keep just a little of the money you earn instead of paying it all in taxes which goes to currupt politicians somewhere in the EU or wasted on various projects made by the Danish state. A woman working in the state administration were able to cheat out 120 million DKK from the state because the money were not missed by anyone. A lot of projects are expected failures even when the politicians assign money for them. The politicians just want photos taken when the projects starts up and then they forget everything about achieving successes. Many then transport their hard earned money to Panama. It is their decision. I will not condomn them even if I am not in the position to earn that much.

But both countries should never be regarded as destinations for traveling. You do not need to see them. Just use Google maps and street views instead.

I will put the website of this woman as well as some articles about her below. I will not urge you to use money on her but otherwise I will not discourage you. Everyone are allowed to waste their money. They have earned them. They can spend them. Just remember to stop and sit down. Should you not have learned a bit about the damages caused by tourism? Should you not stay home?


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Maybe this blog will not be needed in the future

Right now Denmark is in lockdown. Thanks to the COVID-19 virus we are barred from almost all aspects in our social life.

For many it is time to look why this situation happened so fast and what we can do in the future from allowing this to happen again.

What the crisis did show us, is that is DENMARK FIRST!

We as member of The European Union saw no country speaking about what all countries should do as a Union. Instead we all each country fencing themselves up preventing people from entering their country bringing the virus in even when the country inside was suffering.

The countries who are doing best right now is the countries who were the fastest to block foreigners from entering their country. In Denmark the number of people committed to the hospitals are dropping. Denmark was very fast blocking their borders. The results are clear. The European Union is dead. The countries within the Union are not because they skipped the thoughts of an union and acted selfish.

This the lesson we can provide to our children and it is the very lesson, they can use to survive the next pandemic. Because there will be a new pandemic. I will not make theories about the cause. Was it Mao's final revenge after his approach forced people to eat whatever could be eaten so illness can pass between animals and humans? Is it the new 5G network? Was it an attempt to make people think less about how Hong-Kong should be handled by the government in China that went out of control?

We can only speculate and it is not really important.

What is important is how we live in the future. What will we do to prevent virus from spreading in the future. How can we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world? How can we motive people to travel less and conduct less business with firms abroad?

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

I wish you the best and will go back in isolation again.