Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Xenophobia at inside Denmark

Most Danes remember it. Don't have a night out in another town than the one you are living in unless it is a town located less than than 20 kilometers from where you live. If you choose to do it anyway remember that you are as much a stranger as if you were from the other side of the world.

One of the biggest reality stars in Denmark Susan K made such a decision where she entered a club marked by a very hostile climate against strangers and very soon she found herself set up by the locals. She is now in jail until January 5, 2010 and the charges based on consequences of local xenophobia could mean 60 days in jail. Because she is the person coming from out of town it is very unlikely that she will be cleared of the charges.

The TV-station she currently has a job for acknowledge that she was more victim than perpetrator and have stalled shooting of a show she is part of. In fact the jail sentence can boost her career so she can continue to remain the rolemodel she has been for our youth so far.

But the case show that even Danes have to remain faithful to their local community when it comes to even such a simple thing like socializing in town.

Second it questions the TV-station's precautions when it comes to secure their stars. Surely she should have been warned against partying in an outside town or at least have been equipped with some bodyguards, so she could have avoided the trap the local set up for her. It is old news that a person from another city can be met with a generally evil atmosphere like Susan K saw at Social club in Aarhus.

If we take a case where a person from Aarhus visit Copenhagen, we could observe exactly the same pattern. Stig Tøfting - a soccer player was celebrating the result together with the rest of our national soccer team after the World Championship in 2002. The same hostile environment met him and he was also tricked into defending himself only to learn that the Danish laws for self-defense is basically non-existing. The conviction back then where he was sentenced to 4 month should be a stern warning that taking a night out in a town other than your own is unacceptable. Otherwise you risk falling into a trap.

It is not than uncommon that you are attacked when you are a celebrity like Susan K. In fact just a couple of weeks before the incident she herself was knocked down back in Copenhagen without any kind of warning simply due to her celebrity status. Denmark is the home for the Jante Law. Second based on the origin of the persons who assaulted her, her presence was a kind of provocation because women in their culture is supposed to remain at home leaving only men partying out in town. Maybe this unprovoked assault made her have her guards up when entering the hostile place in Aarhus. None know and because the court where the trial is located is away ground. she cannot expect to be cleared of the charges regardless of the testimonies.

She made a mistake by coming to Aarhus and choosing this nightclub to party in. The television company however made the biggest mistake by poor counseling and missing out on giving her a bodyguard.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Xenophobia at COP15

Xenophobia against the Danish population is now hitting us inside our own country.
As some might have noticed Copenhagen host the United Nations Climate Council named COP15.

Do we receive any gratitude for hosting this event?

No, we have been using years to prepare it. We had the end document ready to be signed. We made folders in advance to inform people what kind of rules we have in our society. A lot of blogs warned violent protesters from entering Denmark as we as early as May 5, 1872 invented a method to handle violent protesters. This day which we celebrate every year as very important in our culture gave the authorities the solution to handle large out of control mobs.

We even built a new internment based on experiences from the Boer war to house a large number of detainees. Search for “Climate prison” for more information.

Some might think that pre-emptive arrests are a bad thing but in Denmark it has been used for a number of years against football fans who comes from lower social classes and none in general cares about.

Some consultants in personal services even gave their services for free.

But it didn’t prepare us for the criticism from both participants in the meetings and from various common visitors outside.

Why complain about being arrested when we have warned them in advance that they would enter a country which is a state of emergency? Next they weren’t killed like they would have been in most of their native countries if they had tried to do the same peaceful march.

Some might think of Denmark in another way but the damage just by knowing how other nations live has changed the basic in our culture. Police and government find the taste of power good and they want more. That is normal. It is not a ground for any criticism against us Danes. How is your own government doing in that retrospect?

But not only the protesters outside are angry. Sudden some self-proclaimed group called G-77 makes a lot of noise for nothing. Like small children they speak up when they have nothing to say. They should sit down in silence while the adults speak.

Denmark is a proud nation. We have not any past as major power in Africa. We don’t owe them anything due to past behaviors. In fact they live of our aid instead of trying to make a living themselves. Take a country like Zimbabwe. A great hero named Mugabe singlehanded removed Apartheid. While it meant better times for his personal mob of war veterans it was harder to attract investors and to secure Mugabe’s participation at COP15, the high schools students in Denmark did a lot of community work to raise money for the worn down schools in Zimbabwe so Mugabe could show the world that the end of Apartheid was not equal with a total destruction of this country. He entered Denmark today (December 15) so he can lead the African countries.

The disturbance made by protesters outside and inside the conference has however resulted in an increase in security.
The secret police arrested some of the participants in the conference today. Their fate will soon be forgotten and I hope that the other protester peaceful or not will understand the message send by these arrests. No other needs to disappear.

As a Dane I am kind of angry about the outcome and criticism. I believe that it is an act of xenophobia. What kind of country wouldn’t turn to mass arrests if they should host a similar conference?

There are many times where I wish that we didn’t volunteer to host this conference in the first place.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ban on public speech for employees at the Police

It is with great sadness that dedicated policemen and women can not serve just because they air their frustation over weekends where they have to miss being with their families because youth gangs want to show that they rule the streets.

It was what happen to a policewoman who aired her opinion about youth who burn cars and property causing massive torment, fear and loss of money at the victims.

Why are she not allowed to tell what she mean about such criminals?

Should we honor such youth because they show that they are innovative?

What about the families who get hurt in this process. They go to sleep assured that they have a car in the morning so they can get to work and a dumpster where they can leave their garbage. The next morning they wake up to learn that they have lost both and in some case to learn that they could have been killed if the wind had let the fire spread to their houses or the fire brigade had been too late.

Should we not be able to sleep safely in our bed. Should the employees at the police not tell us how tired they are because there are too few of them?

Of course they should!

I know for a fact that they are proud of their job. They are motivated and handle soccerfans from abroad with both respect and fairness, so things don't get out of hand.

The politicians located far away from the ordinary people want her fired. It doesn't look good in their small world. However 120 of her collegues wants her to keep her job and I have to state that I feel whereever I go that the population wants her to continue as a policeofficer also.

Sometime I sincerely doubt that the politicians want to do good for us citizens.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A very special post

Normally this blog is about Danes who have been exposed of xenophobia abroad.

But this post is an advice to foreigners to avoid being victim for xenophobia in Denmark.

Most know that the Copenhagen Climate Council is just around the corner. In relationship with this party for the world leaders where they pretend to work for a better world while they enjoy the services of our sex-workers, our good food and our normally fine hospitality, our government has declared state of emergency.

The police can detain you for 12 hours without involvement of the courts and without charging you for a crime if they think you will be participating in a riot in the future - tomorrow or next year.

Prison sentences are tough during the summit.

But foreigners must observe a new rule, which allow the authorities to deport foreigners for participating in a demonstration which turn into riots. Because a lot of the politicians participating in this summit are dictators back home, some protesters will be there for other reasons than the climate. The risk of riots are great, so the safest strategy for foreigners is to remain at home and not enter Denmark.

Please listen to this advice: Ignore the Climate Council.

The politicians have decided that the climate issue is a task for world leaders and high profile politicians only. It is not an issue for you as an ordinary citizen.

I hope you take this advice into your heart. It is for your own good!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Amanda Knox case force US to protect their exchange students better

After Amanda Knox, UW tightens rules for study abroad, Seattle PI

There are no question that young adults or teenagers should receive better legal advice and protection so they don't fall victim of a miscarriage of justice like Amanda Knox.

When you are young and naive you are not quiet information about political games going on between your own country and the country you want to study in.

Little could Amanda Knox have known that the Italian government want to have employees of the US state department extradited. Little could she have known about the anger among the Italian population over an accidential shooting of an Italian spy in Iraq or the breach of Italian airspace in connection with the Achille Lauro highjacking. There was simply too much tension so the Italian police could not let her go when they got the chance to arrest her and interview her for so many hours so none could have avoided confessing.

Certain countries should be avioded. Here in Denmark the showtrial against Camilla Broe might never happen as it is too obivious that the charges against her were made only to give the DEA headlines as heros.

However, even her case has resulted in a webpages being created to warn possible Danish citizens from working or studying abroad. It is long overdue. Too many still leave Denmark too young and too naive to make it in a foreign culture where they are exposed of cultural fauna polluting.

Cultural fauna polluting is dangerous. Strange ideas are brought back to Denmark where we now see a huge attack on a vital part of the Danish culture.

We must prepare our youth to remain strong on their values. We don't need another Camilla Broe. Other countries are taking the same approach. May the day come where we can prevent people from living outside their own country.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Todays headline reminds us Danes of an awful time

Today a Danish soccer player had an accident with his car. He was lucky to escape it with only minor injuries. The speed of his car was not that high. Sources in Denmark speaks of a limited 160 km/hour.

Here in our team we are somewhat worried. Some years back another Danish soccer player was driving home from training. One of his teammates hit a woman. Because this woman ruteless used the oppotunity to take her 5. seconds of fame, he was charged even if he was not in the car that was involved in the accident.

As result he was given a harsh sentence properly based on the fact that he is a Dane and a foreigner in the United Kingdom.

The setence was even harder than his teammate who was involved in the accident.

Just because he is a Danish citizen!

Now we hope that the police would avoid to fall into the trap where xenophobia is the only reason to punish our soccer player.

We will be watchting the authorities. We will not accept racism without criticism of the authorities in the United Kingdom again.

United Reserves jailed after Race, CNN
Reds youngsters to be sentenced: Update - jailed

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The danish youth learn from Camilla Broe

This week the newspaper 24 published an article where it was revealed that the number of youth and young adults studying abroad had dropped rapidly.

No wonder as the horrors of the showtrial against Camilla Broe reach us. On the day of her first hearing she spent 13 hours in restraints.

Normally only minors are shackled in the courts of Florida but they still consider her to be the drug lord responsible for the import of 106,000 ecstacy pills. Maybe it is a marketing stunt from the side of DEA only, but transporting her across Miami escorted by not fewer than 6 police cars seems to be a little over the hill considering that the Danish police let her hold a press conference in Copenhagen and she was escorted to the plane not even cuffed.

The Danish youth considering being an exchange student are met with the same concerns our soldiers bound for Afghanistan face. Not only does the family have to fear that something could happen to their young relative during the time abroad, now they also have to fear that the stay could have life long impact on their lives once they return to Denmark. Suddenly they risk to be torn out of their lives regardless if they have live to the letter of the law for decades.

As we know from high profile case like Amanda Knox and Louise Woodward, exchange students are often the first to pick when crime appear where they study. An exchange student will always experience difficulties to adapt to local customs, so they stick out. It happened to Louise Woodward, which now are cleared by modern forensic. It is happening to Amanda Knox.

How it used to be so that once the exchange student returns home the risk is over. That is why cars used by firms often were sold once they returned from a trip abroad. A ticket for speeding could wait the next time the car crossed the border again. But several thousand people have lost their lives since the European Union made it possible to collect fines when the motorist has returned home. The same goes for the case against Camilla Broe. It shows that former exchange students cannot sleep a single night the rest of their lives without fear.

Seen in that retrospect it is better for teenagers considering a year as an exchange student not to go. The fact that families take greater responsibility for the future of their children promise greather times for the country of Denmark.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Is an emergency team for exchange students and other Danes needed?

The answer to this question must be Yes.

Once a Dane is abroad they don't enjoy the same level of protection as in Denmark. Because Denmark is properly the most sophisticated country when it comes to legal protection, the citizens living or traveling abroad will almost in every case suffer when it comes to just a little contact with local authorities.

When looking for sources related to the show trial in Miami, I found a blog entry demanding better legal protection of Danish citizens abroad regardless if they only had witness a crime. In general Danish citizens should not involve themselves with foreign matters regardless if they can help or make the matter worse. The Camilla Broe cases is a fine example of that a person is placed in a situation where none of the options available at the time can be chosen without the risk of prison or death. I have quoted the blog in full, because I feel that the viewpoint is important both for the Camilla Broe case, but also if being an exchange student should be an option in the future for any youth.

Right now a Danish woman, a former exchange student is detained at the Federal Detention Center in Miami.

Why is she there?

Back in 1986 she entered the United States as an exchange student. Her letters back to
Denmark made the family relocate to Florida where the father was a valued worker. Instead of returning back to Denmark, she remained in Florida and worked in various job.
It was a critical error.

First being exchange student is like owning an ant farm. As an exchange student your purpose is to study the native and often primitive culture. It is not for fun that a full year in a United States high school awards you no credits when returning to Denmark. The curriculum in Danish High Schools is very advanced compared with any kind of education offered in the U.S. Second of all High School Students study for tests instead of taking a critical and analyzing approach to both the teacher and the texts. Third but not least the U.S: High School have no Friday bars like the Danish Schools so the students cannot socialize and unlike Denmark it results in students becoming isolated and some incidents involving shootings done by marginalized youth.

But as an exchange student you should settle with this monitoring of the foreign
culture and not interact or socialize with persons in it. The situation can be compared with the Prime Directive known from Star Trek, but replace pre-warp with plus 500 years of civilization. Of course socializing with the host family cannot be avoided, but exchange students should be content with that. For some this long period of semi-isolation is too much and that is exactly why the relatives in Denmark should pull the exchange student from the exchange program at once.

Camilla Broe did choose to enter a relationship with a man who turned out to be very violent. In fact you can read from a transcript made in a related case how he threatened another man.

Then there is the smuggling operation she is charged with. In fact the first set of charges spoke of conspiracy. Now it is changed to other charges to justify the extradition process. Conspiracy is not a crime in Denmark and that’s why the new set of charges was fabricated within 24 hours before she was extradited.

What did happen was that this man, she had a relationship with, did smuggle drugs into the United States. She lived of the profit due to the relationship as a kind of golden bird in a cage. Once he was arrested she was able to leave the country, which she did in 2001.

Just before she left, she was “asked” to testify against her boyfriend. In the link to the Supreme Court case you can see that the way the question properly was formed as a kind of threat. God only knows what they told her. But she did the only right thing at the moment. She secured the future of her child.

Some year later she charged secretly in Florida. Not until 2007 did anything happen in this case. At that time her boyfriend made a deal where he could leave jail and get deported to Italy where he lives today in exchange to cook enough charges against her, so the charges became so severe that it could justify an extradition process.

Then followed two years of court proceedings in Denmark where the Danish court failed to see that the charge against her was conspiracy which is not a crime in Denmark.
The fact that a charge was in the paper, which does not exist in Danish law, should have stopped the extradition case because the extradition agreement tells that a certain charge must be on an act, which is a crime in both countries. That is not the case here.

She was extradited September 4, 2009. In order to prevent too much disturbance in the press, the government deported 22 refugees to Iraq a couple of days before so their path towards certain death occupied the Danish media and protesters. It seems to work.

She is expected to make a plea of “No contest” because she cannot afford a defense and in United States courts income does make a difference. Second of all the terms of the extraditions agreement grants her a return ticket to Denmark within 6 months after the judge had sentenced her. Also the extradition agreement states that she will be given a new sentence in Denmark because the laws in Florida are not judged as

The original question which was whether she did to the right thing, the answer must be Yes. Had she stayed in Florida, she might have been spared of the long extradition trial but in a world of plea bargains, which is considered of no morale to participate in, she would have lost anyway. She would have aided a foreign regime and might have criminalized herself by such an aid risking jail for certain paragraphs about espionage according to Danish law.

Now she is of course facing daily torture in a detention center, but it was a loose-loose situation once she broke the “prime directive” of an exchange student. There was no other way not taken.So now you can find all sorts of webpages with warnings for families considering the exchange student experience. People are doing a good job in reducing the number of teenagers in danger. But more can be done.

In United Kingdom they have a branch in their foreign department called Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They have an emergency team ready to rescue citizens in a potential dangerous situation abroad.

Such a service should be available to Danish citizens also, so they can be pulled from whatever situation before they are stuck with the poor choices Camilla Broe had. It doesn’t matter whether they just witness a crime. Whenever it brings them into contact with the local law enforcements, the emergency unit should be able to have them on a
plane within 24 hours bound for Denmark and safety.

The present situation is close to suicide for anyone considering to live or study abroad.

I support the creation of such an emergency team.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Raid of the Brorson church - unfortunately necessary

I am somehow sad that we had to let our police enter the Brorson Church under the circumstances our government did choose.

But it was necessary.

We have to look at the situation in Iraq. As some may know we supported the United States in the cloned war so Bush Junior could revenge his father and bring Hussein down. It was not an easy job and unfortunately families in Denmark have to bare the grief because several of our service men have lost their lives while trying to liberating the country and maintaining the peace.

So we have a special responsibility to protect these refugees until democracy and security was restored in Iraq. Because Iraq never at any point will be a peaceful Christian country like our regardless of how much democracy they will introduce, we cannot use our own scale to measure if the country is safe. The only people who can state whether Iraq is safe to return to, is the government in Iraq and we must accept their judgment without criticism.

The government in Iraq has stated that they are ready to receive our refugees at least twice per week. Sometime they state that they are not, but translation is often rather difficult from foreign languages to a language as cultivated and difficult as Danish is, so should't we overlook these minor misunderstandings and look at a rather clear sign that they are ready to move on.

This sign came when the government in Iraq took initiative to in-source security tasks which were serviced by private firms from United States and United Kingdom. Firms like Blackwater, which represents the finest in ethics and commitment when it came to solve the task they were assigned.

Some firms did not have time to shut down their operations in time and a young man from the United Kingdom is properly going to be victim of a process of democratization, which has gone faster than anyone could anticipate. The new laws would properly be shut down as distortion of competition if it was an EU-membership country which had introduced such rules, but the goverment of Iraq wants to show that they can do it on their own just as a toddler will try to take on his clothes on his own. It is something just something we have to accept just as any parent must accept that a child grows up.

It is just sad if a normal work accident in such a business should have severe legal consequences for this young man. He should be put on a plane and be tried before a court in the United Kingdom.

But this incident was the sign for the citizens of Denmark to demand that the refugees time in Denmark are over.

It is not been free for us to house them. The country Denmark was in the 1980's before the first Gulf war does not exist anymore. It would be an overstatement to claim that Denmark is even a welfare nation today. This symbol of our welfare - our early retirement solution called "Efterloen" - has been altered so it is worthless. Hardworking people can now look forward to nothing!

If you combine this fact with the strict age-rules regarding purchase of alcohol and tobacco, the extreme fines for speeding on our roads and the existence of private parking firms, which are tormenting the citizens of Denmark, you get a picture of a nation in crisis and a pupulation, which is suffering as bad as countries during wars. The situation is so bad that most refugees estimated from 60 to 70 percent flee from similar circumstances before entering our country in order to seek asylum. It is not their fault that Denmark is seen as a country with a certain surplus. It is the evil and ruthless helpers who direct them to our country which are on the point of breaking under this burden. They are basically cheated and now they don't understand why they have to return home.

I doubt that we ever will be in a position where we can make them understand how hard it has been to house them while watching our own society slowly but steady going down path forwards disintegration. We was not used to be robbed in our own homes and that should be a daily risk to be shot at while walking our streets.

Hopefully they will be able to find peace as productive citizens in the Iraq we have helped them to create.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Camilla Broe case - candidate for the webpage.

In recent letters I have received from the Institute, they are talking about adding Camilla Broe to the webpage for Danes who have been exposed of xenophobia.

Who is Camilla Broe?

Back some 15 years she went to the United States where she got engaged to a man from Israel. The next many years she lived as a wife who kept her house and was used as a commercial for the businesses of her husband.

She even gave birth to a girl.

The relationship was violent but because she was young and in a foreign country she was not able to break away from the relationship.

What she didn't know was that her fiancée was a drug lord. Her case is very similar to the well published case of Chantal McCorkel, who also stated to have been naive and in love. So when the police approached her and asked her to testify against her fiancée which is absolutely against all Danish tradition, how could she even if she had the slightest suspicion?

The other members of the drug-ring took plea deals and because they were just as afraid of her fiancee as she was they pointed at her to be the drug lord. Suddenly she was facing 63 years in prison and she wasn't even arrested!

So the first question we as Danes have to ask is: Why did they not arrest her back then if they were going to convict her to that many years in prison? We are talking of almost twice the length of a man jailed in Denmark for shooting 4 unarmed cops. He served only 33 years before being released.

Anyhow she returned to Denmark and started to live a modest life. If she had been the drug lord she would have no need to take a job and remain an unmarried single mom.

For many years she remained an unknown person with no police record and absolutely no involvement with the police. Then suddenly she is arrested in 2007 because the United States wanted it.

The reason for her arrest is that Denmark in the meantime has made a new law targeted against terrorism, which can send Danes to foreign states with no question asked about how the legal rights are protected.

The law did not exist when she lived in the United States. If we should compare it with something it must be the freedom fighters during WWII. In 1942 the Danish prime minister Vilhelm Buhl spoke of the freedom fighters as they were terrorists. After the war he was made prime minister again despite this speak. Suddenly the people who have believed in him based on his 1942 speech and acted on it were transformed from law abiding citizens to criminals and some were executed.

Camilla Broe settled in Denmark based on the laws at the present time. She never broke any laws while living in Denmark. Now she is suddenly labeled as a criminal and about to be sent to her death in Florida.

Death? What about the guarantees Denmark whipped the United States to accept? Is she not going to return to Denmark within 6 months of a possible conviction?

Well these guarantees are none existing. First of all we have the pleas of all the other gang members. Remember that they got decades in discount for naming her as their boss. Some in the prosecutor office made these deals and if Denmark hires a high profile lawyer, he could properly produce evidence which would expose people in the prosecution office as fools who have made deals with the real criminals instead of conducting a real investigation.

Because the job of a prosecutor is an elected job, this means that this job is used for politics. A prosecutor has to produce results if they want to go for the mayor job later in life. They need to silence her or get her to agree to whatever charges they can invent very quickly.

So the minute she arrives in Florida she will be put in the most dangerous jail in Florida among the most feared inmates to break her down. They will try all to get her to take a plea, so they can avoid a trial. And if I had to advice her, I will ask to the take the 63 years in jail regardless of the fact that most speak off that she is innocent.

If she refuse, it can take decades before the trial can start because it is 15 year since they last had knowledge of where the wittnesses were. All that time she would have to remain in a jail in Florida and her little daughter will be lost in the foster care system in Denmark, unless her father - the fiancée living a high profile life in Israel outside the reach of the U.S justice system demands her to be sent to Israel.

It is most likely that she will not survive being extradited to Florida. It is a sick justice system over there and both the prosecution and the other criminals think that she properly knows too much.

Sending her to Florida will be injustice and it would properly kill her.

But is that enough for her to earn an unfortunate place on the webpage?

Yes, I believe that she should be published on the webpage because the case against her in Florida will be based on plea deals meant to frame a foreigner. Being a young naive girl doesn't qualify her to be convicted to a prison sentence only suitable for a drug lord.

What is your opinion?

Here is two links to message boards where the case is debated:

Florida wants to execute a Dane (Fornits - in English language)
Dansk kvinde udleveret til USA (BT message board - in Danish - registration required)

Welcome to this blog

As we in Denmark are discussing the perhaps latest victim to earn a place on the webpage for Danes who have been exposed of xenophobia abroad, I will like to present what this blog is about.

The webpage on its self have only limited coverage on each of the cases. On this blog I will publish background material on each case so people can learn why those people ended up being placed on this webpage.

I have written with some of the people from the Institute for dissemination of Danish culture and information.

The reason for the existense of the webpage was that Denmark has been critized the recent years.

Presently we have problems with socalled refugees, which don't want to return to Iraq for unknown reasons. We know that Iraq has to be safe. They were travelling down there on holidays from a Swedish airport to cover their tracks. Second of all the government down there wouldn't have accepted to take them back if it was unsafe because then the government would loose face. We just have to get them out because Denmark is undergoing some tough times right now so we have to make it into "It's them or us". The police has even announced that is it considered a criminal act to support them in person for in writing.

Denmark is unfortunately a member of the European Union. The EU is all about harmonization. The concept is that all member states allign their standard on a certain area to the level of the poorest country. Because Denmark's standards on almost everything are second to none, it means that we will suffer until the other countries can caught up with us. For some decades we even have to lower our standards. People will start to starve in Denmark.

Second of all the European rules about immigration allows people from all parts of the Union to come to Denmark and enjoy the benefits in our country without working for them. Our borders are non-existing which have meant a raise in crime. If you have to compare then it is like the United States allowing people from Mexico to enter and work for free without any control.

So it is very clear for all that there is no room for non-productive people in Denmark. So they have to go.

People are also attacking Denmark for the Cartoon war. It is our most proudest moment since the evacuation of Jews during WWII and back then we did it because it paid will. This time we did it because we did feel for it. It is also our single most effective attack on the morale in the war on terrrorism.

But all that negative press put upon our country seem to have resulted in Danes being exposed of xenophobia in raising numbers and that is what the webpage is about.