Friday, July 19, 2013

The Danish authorities recommend that you don't report a rape in Dubai

Dubai's time as a possible tourist destination has come to an end.

The Danish authorities has as a result of a rape committed against a Norwegian woman recommend that you don't report violent crimes and rape to the local police. Instead it is recommended to leave the country at once as soon as the doctors have patched you together.

The rape case involving to employees from a firm called THE One Total Home Experience. The rape victims reported the co-worker. As result she was jailed and later fired because the co-worker properly had a higher rank in the firm.

It is far from the first rape case in Dubai where the victims have been jailed instead of the attackers.

A English newspaper reports of at least 5 cases where their countrymen have been caught in a legal drama.

An Australian woman has also suffered the consequences of visiting Dubai.

We must state that visiting this country as a tourist is impossible because the legal protection lacks.

Whenever a country has rules against drinking which is something most tourists do to deal with the burden of speaking foreign languages which takes the toll of most people it is best just to stay away. Yes, they have nice beaches but that you can also find in countries like Spain and Bulgaria.

The Danish authorities has recommend Danish tourists not to report rape or assault to the police. It is possible the closest they can come to recommend that you don't visit Dubai at all.

Think about your security before you leave for a certain place. It can really destroy your life.