Sunday, February 20, 2011

This must be the last year

Once again people cannot settle by enjoying the good money they earn by having Danes visiting.

They want the Danes to buy a lot of alcohol and then they expect the Danes to throw it out and drink milk instead so they don't have to take the consequences. The people living around Les Arcs are angry because their sales come with a cost. What kind of business doesn't cost connected to the sale.

It has to stop at some point. All the young Danes do are partying while they travel. It is quite normal. In fact the Sun spoke of a cultural difference hitting Brits as xenophobia when they visited countries in the Middle East.

The solution is clear. We need to create a party holliday area where the young people can go and enjoy their holliday. They are working on such a solution down at Falster. Maybe next the youth traveling abroad for holidays or to take a course down in Marienlyst where the new party aread it built.

1.700 danske unge 'larmer som dyr' og raserer skisportssted, by Andreas Lindqvist, Politiken, February 19, 2011 (article in Danish)
»Når man samler 1.700 unge, går det jo ikke stille af sig«>, by Andreas Lindqvist, Politiken, February 20, 2011 (article in Danish)
Boozy Brits go wild in Dubai, by Nick Carter, The Sun, 12. july 2008
Marielyst skal være det nye Sunny Beach, by Marta Gramstrup, Folketidende, 13. februar 2011(article in Danish)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A computer virus can lead to your arrest if you travel abroad

According to several websites a computer specialist named Kai Lundstroem Pedersen has been arrested in the United States on the charges of distributing child pornography.

Recent analyses of his computer have revealed that his laptop and work computer was used as a bot. Not even the internal computer security teams at his workspace - the city hall in the town of Randers - had caught the illegal traffic despite their monitoring of all employees 24/7.

His colleges had no suspicion of his activities. Not surprisingly taken into account that the illegal traffic most likely came through a small program - called a Bot - hidden in the operative system on his computers.

Unfortunately most anti-virus programs cannot offer 100 percent protection and while the employees and their work on the computers are monitored 24/7, the computers themselves are not monitored in the same ways as it is expected that the security programs should be able to handle all problems on their own.

It is however not the case. In the town of Hilleroed the entire system crashed and work including emails was lost because the servers were only monitored during work hours.

His colleges know him as a good man with honest values. They are shocked over his arrest.

Kai Lundstroem Pedersen is therefore not a victim of xenophobia against Danes. He is a victim of technology left unsupervised. He has not been fired from his work. He is only suspended because he didn't show up for work after his holiday. He had no reason to suspect that a pedophile did use his computer through a hidden VPN-tunnel.

The security firm working for his employer has been denied access to his computer as the Danish police has confiscated the computer due the wish of maintaining a good relationship between Denmark and the United States. Therefore it has not been possible to determine how the Bot got installed on his computer. Unfortunately it means that others could be a risk.

If you use a computer at your work the advice is not to travel abroad.

Even when the criminal act was done by another, the IP-number used for the crime could be yours and then you are arrested.

Update september 2011: Forced to plea guilty by the fact that the trafic came from his computer despite the fact that an internal investigation by his employer has revealed that he hadn't committed the criminal acts in person, he now risk between 15 and 30 years of prison.

He could be returned to Denmark as early as in 7 years to serve out his sentence because US normally expell prisoners once they have served half their time. In reality he would be freed the moment he sets foot on Danish soil as the act is considered to result in a prison term of 4 years if he had been convicted in Denmark.

What seem strange is that he didn't take an Alford plea, because the Danish investigation did clear him, but perhaps he didn't know about this option because he couldn't afford a lawyer. Justice in the US is equal the ability to finance your defense.

Randers Kommune chokeret over børnesex (Jylland-Posten)
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