Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Amanda Knox case force US to protect their exchange students better

After Amanda Knox, UW tightens rules for study abroad, Seattle PI

There are no question that young adults or teenagers should receive better legal advice and protection so they don't fall victim of a miscarriage of justice like Amanda Knox.

When you are young and naive you are not quiet information about political games going on between your own country and the country you want to study in.

Little could Amanda Knox have known that the Italian government want to have employees of the US state department extradited. Little could she have known about the anger among the Italian population over an accidential shooting of an Italian spy in Iraq or the breach of Italian airspace in connection with the Achille Lauro highjacking. There was simply too much tension so the Italian police could not let her go when they got the chance to arrest her and interview her for so many hours so none could have avoided confessing.

Certain countries should be avioded. Here in Denmark the showtrial against Camilla Broe might never happen as it is too obivious that the charges against her were made only to give the DEA headlines as heros.

However, even her case has resulted in a webpages being created to warn possible Danish citizens from working or studying abroad. It is long overdue. Too many still leave Denmark too young and too naive to make it in a foreign culture where they are exposed of cultural fauna polluting.

Cultural fauna polluting is dangerous. Strange ideas are brought back to Denmark where we now see a huge attack on a vital part of the Danish culture.

We must prepare our youth to remain strong on their values. We don't need another Camilla Broe. Other countries are taking the same approach. May the day come where we can prevent people from living outside their own country.