Monday, October 3, 2011

United States - don't save your ship

Some years ago when the authorities wanted to demonstrate their power the captain of a Danish coaster was arrested because the US Coast Guard claimed that he maneuvered his ship right into the patrol boat.

However every expert in modern shipping could see that it was poor seamanship on the behalf of the US Coast Guard which caused the episode.

All there was to say about the jail was that it suffered from poor sanitation conditions. Maybe because they wanted to break the jailed Dane and because he wanted to leave the United States alive rather than seeking justice and risk death, his lawyers hired by the Danish Trade Union made a deal.

The Trade Union backed the Danish Captain all the way and today most Danish ships don't sail under the Danish flag when entering the seas controlled by the United States and the crew are often dispensable foreigners because unfair treatment by the authorities is expected.

If you are working onboard a ship remember that the US Coast Guard holds a grudge against Danish sailors.

Dansk kaptajn løslades i USA, TV2 Nyhederne
Fængslet kaptajn fornærmede USA, Kristlig Dagblad

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