Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gang rape in India - this time a Danish tourist became the victim

A Danish woman became victim of a gang rape in New Delhi when she lost her way to her hotel after having visited a Museum. She is now safely back in Denmark but suffers from emotional scars.

It is not so much a question about justice. It is quite common for the police in India to arrest random poor people and then let an accident happen in the prison so a costly and often difficult trial can be avoided.

The security in India’s jails is very relaxed and the safety of the prisoners cannot be ensured according to a ruling in a Danish High court in another case.

The important lesson learned from this tragic story is that India is not at a level where it is a country you should visit as a tourist.

But it is also important to notice that several countries have outsourced parts of the management of their public computer systems to firms from India. The question whether such deals are secure given the somewhat questionable nature of the handling of human rights both for victims and criminals.

This tragic gang rape raises more questions which need to be answered.

Danish woman allegedly robbed and gang-raped near New Delhi railway station (Times of India)

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