Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Warning about the Green card system in Denmark

If you wan't to seek a job in Denmark you can apply in our Green Card system, but please don't. Most likely you will be cheated. I got a link to a blog with an entry about this problem in my RSS-feed. I decided to quote it in full because a system like this gives Denmark a bad reputation and some might believe that it is a case of xenophobia when it in reality is caused by the fact that the Danish education is second-to-none placing the Danes first when it comes to any kind of job.

Greencard to Denmark is about cheating people

Our politicians created the Greencard system so well-educated people could enter Denmark seeking highpaid jobs.

It is a nice thought but it is a lie.

The reality is that the employees having earned a PhD or something at a similar level end up working as dishwashers or cleaners. Some even have to turn to prostitution.

The problem is simple. No education earned abroad can compete with a degree from the Danish education system. Even a high school exam from a Danish high school qualifies you better to any job than a foreign degree from a top-university.

Often people have paid a lot to cover the travel expenses. They might even have created dept. Then they end up in jobs where they in no way can pay the debt in full during a life time.

I don't know how to reach out to the people around the world hoping that there is a job in Denmark to warn them to stay away.

I have posted this post to warn people because I feel very bad that people are lured here when there is no hope for them.

Please repost this message to anyone you know so these personal tragedies can be avoided.


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