Monday, December 16, 2013

For Danish tourists: Not xenophobia but unjust

A recent storm caused massive flooding in Denmark. Over thousands of families lost their homes. Many will not be able to return to their homes but have to start over with their lives.

This is not a post where I want you to pity the poor people whose lives will be altered for the rest of their existence.

This is a post to warn tourists from visiting Denmark now where the entire nation is challenged by the elements.

Many people were warned in time and asked to remove their cars before the car would be victim to the flooding’s. Unfortunately for the car owners they police advised them to an area controlled by a private parking firm. Their lives will be destroyed forever because the greedy lawyers who work for the parking firms will follow the poor car owners until they die trying to get a huge amount in fines.

This could happen to you as tourist too. The private parking firms control larger areas of Denmark every day. Denmark is not so interesting that you should risk your entire fortune visiting Denmark and fall victims to these greedy firms.


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