Sunday, March 4, 2012

Indonesia is not a place for tourists

A Danish woman got 5 years in prison when she became victim of a familiar scam in Indonesia. Some policemen approach you who seem to be well off financially compared to the local population.

They ask for some protection money and when you deny they throw you with a bag of drugs and you find yourself arrested on a drug charge. It did happen for the Australian Supermodel Michelle Leslie.

Evidence is easy tampered with and if you demand an independent investigation with DNA, they will burn the evidence. It did happen with the case of Schapelle Corby. She was arrested of smuggling drugs the wrong way into Indonesia, which would be rather foolish because the normal method is to smuggle drugs out of Indonesia.

Fact remains that Indonesia is not for tourist. I will call for calling all traveling to Indonesia off until the Dane is freed and Schapelle Corby has been sent back to Australia.

Only when they are safe back in their home countries, we can believe that the country is ready for tourists.



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