Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warning about Universities in England

We have to issue a warning against studying at some universities in the United Kingdom.

It seems that some of them like Manchester universities have introduced "new-campus" rules which prevent normal levels of socializing in the students spare time.

Danish students have also informed us that it is very difficult to get their credits obtained in England back to Denmark as the Danish Universities with the new law from 2010 maintain a very strict control with the curriculum exchange students have abroad.

In 2010 the Danish parliament introduced a new law where they have banned the use of the word "university" outside institutions acknowledged by the Danish Department of Education. In the past we had a lot of foreign exchange students attending Danish universities like KnightBridge University and Open Arab University in Denmark because their level of education was too low for them to be accepted in the state-approved universities.

The Danish parliament voted foreign exchange students out but in the process they forced the official universities to introduce a stricter control with Danes who choose to study abroad for some time, so they couldn't choose a diploma mill abroad. If you as a Danish student want to study abroad please plan for two years before you leave Denmark. Otherwise you will end up wasting time when you return home and the foreign credits are not accepted.

So be very careful before you consider studying in England.


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