Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tragic death 3 year in a row

The death of a 19 year old high school student in France last week marks the third year where one of the students did not return home alive.

It seems that the Danish student fell from the fifth floor of a hotel where he wasn't living. He went there to visit some Polish students which would have been odd just a few years ago, but high school students of today are encouraged to establish an international network with peers in order to improve their position in a time with global competition.

Some newspapers have been buzy pointing out that alcohol could be a factor. However the French police have started an investigation where they held back students from a lot of countries. Alcohol doesn't seem to play a key role in this tragedy.

Secondly these trips would not be attended by the students if alcohol would be prohibited. Work in the department of Humane Ressource in Danish firms does often only consist of 2 tasks: Arranging the right environment for the employees so they can enjoy their friday beer and then 5 minutes it takes to conduct the so-called development evaluation every second year.

If the students don't learn how to socialize inside the Friday bar at the high school, they will stand few chances once they start to seek a full-time job.

The death last week is a challenge for parents who have children in high school. Should they recommend their children to stay home from these trips or should they let their children do as generations high school students before them did? It is not a question which are easy to answer.

We are talking foreign police forces in this case. They don't have access to modern forensic like the Danish police has neither do they seem to have the education to conduct a real investigation.

Sending your children abroad while they are in school is a project which includes the risk of letting your child paying the highest price possible.

It is impossible to pass advice about this subject. You as a parent just have to believe your guts.


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