Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bulgaria wants back to the good old communist rule

According to various sources in the tourist industry the citizen in the parts of Bulgaria serving the tourism industry had expressed wishes about returning to the good old days when the country was under communist rule and become an isolated state.

Fact is that Bulgaria has beaten Ibiza as one of the most popular vacation places in Europe.

There is no reason at all to visit Bulgaria unless you will attend a binge drinking party. This country has nothing else to offer.

But it is not all.

Tourists who are so unlucky that they get ill during their holiday should be very careful as there are doctors and entire hospitals down there which will try to fool the patients to buy extra treatment not covered by the normal travel insurance.

That is worrying because Bulgaria has been targeted by students who want peace and quietness while they study for their finals. Various travel agencies are arranging holiday packets targeted against young students.

I would be very careful and not chose Bulgaria for my next holiday. If you have your health as a high priority, I guess you will avoid Bulgaria as well.

Sources (In Danish)

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