Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do not travel with medication

A 37 year old Danish women suffering from pain due to a work injury was sentenced to 5 years in jail because she tried to smuggle medication into Indonesia.

In Denmark Cannabis are recognized to be used to reduce pain. Instead of smoking the drugs which drugusers do, pills with only the active drug can be ingested.

However in other less developed countries they are not aware of the usefulness of the drugs, so such pills are illegal.

The Danish woman must have known this as she had sallowed the container for the drugs.

It is not possible to warn enough against traveling to less developed countries like Indonesia where modern medical treatment continue to not to be recognized.

Beside the laws forbidding modern medication please remember that there also continue to be risk of terrorism as three young women lost their lives in the bali bombings. Also the police is corrupt. Even if you don't smuggle drugs you can be accused to smuggle if you don't pay the local police off like it did happen to the Australian supermodel Michelle Leslie.

Regardless of the fact that the Danish woman did commit an error by taking modern medicaition to a less developed culture, we fear that she will be forced to worship false Gods like pagans. It was also something the Australian supermodel was forced to.


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