Saturday, November 5, 2011

If you want your stuff protected against tourists, then write a sign

A Danish student accidently broke a rock at some kind of ruin down in Rome. For some reason the local population saw this rock at something special and he may risk a fine if the school has neglected the task of providing their students with a good insurance.

We can only ask why they didn't set a sign up not to touch the rocks. In Denmark we did choose to protect the Jelling Stones behind glas because some paint got on them.

It is not a nice way to treat guest - students who came to their country to learn about their culture.

The Danish schools should avoid Italy as the population seem to hostile against foreigners in general. American Exchange student organizations have already lawyered up in response to the Amanda Knox case where a young student was held on false charges for 3 years based on the fantasy of a convicted State Attorney.

The Danish schools should follow the example of the US organizations if they want to continue to travel to Italy. Otherwise the family of the students should demand that their school refrain from traveling down there.


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