Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebrity class I and II - know your position in the Danish society

It seems that a lot of celebrities or as some want to put those wannabees suffers some mishaps in the Danish nightlife.

We did a peace about a certain Susan K which is a lifestyle icon for our youth. Properly suffering from some kind of anxiety based on an assault committed on her she reacted prematurely and got charged when she was set up in a bar outside her hometown. As we stated in our previous blog-entry the time has come for the TV-stations to pay for bodyguards of their employees, so they can be protected against incidents rising for everyday challenged which are unavoidable when conducting a necessary lifestyle.

But the last weeks have shown that her case was not uncommon. A TV-host called Niels Brinck was attacked without warning. Some of the people who were present have told that he acted in a way which was provoking. It might be true if he was in a part of the town he didn't live in. Some never leave the block they are born in and thinks of their neighborhood as their country defending it as a country. Many have been warned about stopping out in the country while driving across the United States, because the hill-billy's will shoot the cow next to them and hide behind it while they start shooting at the tourists.

Most Danes will recognize that there are parts of Denmark here in year 2010 where you don't stop. Even parts of Copenhagen. I will not name them due to the paragraph 266B in the Danish penal code. Joking about the people living in Aarhus or Mols can be criminal acts because you are not allowed to make fun about people’s ethnic origins. I don’t know how so many Danes dares to break the law in that way, but it is done all the time. Maybe it is because some believe that they are not very clever in these areas. A research paper from some years ago proved why so many infants died over there compared to the rest of Denmark. A local custom proved to be the answer. The newborn babies got a streak for their first meal instead of milk. A lot of the newborns died because their stomach couldn’t handle the food but those who survived grew up to be stronger and bigger than other Danes. Short to say they became our police force. A certain nightclub where the police enjoy themselves in Copenhagen is called the Embassy of Jutland.

But the main reason for writing this blog entry is to explain that when it comes to the law as almost anything else in the Danish society our way to react is based the social status. Young adults who attend universities are children of parents who also attended the Universities. In Denmark you cannot cheat your social heritage. Various researches have proved that the police judge people on their position or even their appearance. So when one of our most well-respected performers Rasmus Bjerg did an act like Susan K yesterday, he wasn’t detained for 20 days as she was.

He is not just another reality star. He is one of the main characters in the TV-show The Protectors, which are shown on our finest TV-station – Denmark’s Radio Number one.

So even among the celebrities there some kind of order. The same kind of order which makes Denmark the most happiest nation in the world as seen on the Oprah show. Once people learn that they don’t have to live their life to their fullest potential but settle well knowing that the huge amounts of taxes they pay during life while they just serve in their jobs, they don’t commit crimes in order to achieve wealth at all cost.

I hope that the victims of Rasmus Bjerg receive the same amount of justice as the victims of Susan K did, if there are any justice to receive because lack of the exact circumstances makes it impossible to tell if he was exposed to a setup also. It is hardly possible to believe the partial witnesses, who is a part of such a trap.

But regardless of what is the fact or not the differences in the social status between the offenders has already got their cases off from a bad start.

March 11 update
Susan K got 3 months in jail, alle but 20 days were suspended if she avoid further trouble for a year. As she has served 15 in jail while the police made the so-called investigation, she has to endure 80 hours of community service which is more humiliating than serving time in jail. It remains a mystery why she didn't ask to max. out. Fortunately she wasn't forced to attend alcohol detoxing which could have ended her career as rolemodel for our youth. The assault against her, which properly caused her to act with the beer glass as precaution remains unsolved. The police is burdened due to a new structure and it seems that the prioritization of the police resources follows the public opinion, which is against her.

As for Bjerg the police conclude that he should be prosecuted to the surprise of the guests in the bar and the victim. The conclusion must be that real actors could more than actors in reality shows.

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