Monday, February 1, 2010

Protection of kids on other cultures

I happened to watch a Dr. Phil show.

A mother let her 10 year old son walk one mile to soccer practice on his own. One mile!

It meant that she was visited by a police officer who blamed her for poor judgment in her parenting approach.

An overreaction?

Yes like most Danes we believe that a society where you cannot let your 10 year old son ride a bike or walk to soccer practice just a couple of kilometers away is acceptable. If you have supply your children with bodyguards for such a short distance, there is something terrible wrong with the society.

On our webpage we have listed the stoller case as example number 6. More than 10 years ago Anette Sorensen - a that time a wellknown actor visiting New York was in the city with her boyfriend and her daugther in a stoller. They decided to eat dinner at a restraurant. Every expert in Denmark advice parents to leave their babies outside in the cold instead of taking the child inside for a nap. Smoking customers in a restraurant could damage the airways of the baby and increase the risk of Astma for the child later in life. Second the lungs of the baby needs to be developed and toughened. It is best done by letting the child sleep outside in warm clothes and in a secure stoller.

However the actor and her husband was arrested and charged for Child endangerment. The child was taken into protective care. It took a long and painful trial before they received a small settlement for the wrongful arrest.

The totally incomprehensible actions of the authorities placed the incident on our webpage. When we now learn that the security level in the United States is so severe that children cannot even do the most simple things without guards or other protection some might ask if the case still fulfill the conditions for being listed on our webpage.

The answer is Yes. Anette Sorensen was not adviced by the police that she had entered a nation gone to pieces or basically a warzone. They could have asked her to phone the embassy so they could have explained her the sad facts about the conditions in New York. New York back then was no place for tourists taking children with them. The same goes for the entire country today as the Dr. Phil show so clearly illustrate today.

But the travel agencies display no warnings in that regard. That's why the case needs to be listed on our webpage.

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  1. I just saw how French police raided a cinema where parents had taken their children in to see the rather controversial Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. One of the children was found to be too young to see such a movie.

    The armed police removed the hardened criminals but it proves that not only Americans are over protective when it comes to children in their society.

    But I feel that this case above was an example of xenophobia. Maybe a colored man and white woman together were too much for both the waiters and the police.