Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Camilla Broe exonerated, but what is the lesson learned

Camilla Broe came a step closer to freedom when the court ruled that the trial couldn't go on. However an appeal is expected as the authorities in two countries can loose prestige when the fact about the doctored charges become public knowledge.

We have to say that the criteria for placing her on our website has been met. She gave the names of the criminals to the police, she volunteered as an police informant, but properly because she was a foreigner the DEA wanted her to be taken down.

The question is however if Danes can take a job or study abroad at all without risking such charges. We have to remember that it was her job as consultant to see to that the smugglers looked like professional businessmen. The ring leader had an investment firm with European client and it was this firm which hired her.

She took the names to the police when she discovered that the investment firm was a front for criminal acts and it is that action the police wanted her prosecuted for, which is kind of odd.

This case needs more answers which both the DEA and the Danish minister of justice have to answer.

An update of our webpage will follow shortly

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  1. Check out the case of the mysterious murders of the former model Carina Schlesinger and some guy, who also was found dead at her house.

    According to the Danish Newspaper BT the authorities were very quick to jump to the conclusion that she killed him off and then herself later.

    I think that it beside the case of Camilla Broe and many other clearly show that it is dangerous for foreigners to settle down over there because they have judged you as a criminal based on your origins if a crime occur in the neighborhood.