Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Amanda Knox case force US to protect their exchange students better

After Amanda Knox, UW tightens rules for study abroad, Seattle PI

There are no question that young adults or teenagers should receive better legal advice and protection so they don't fall victim of a miscarriage of justice like Amanda Knox.

When you are young and naive you are not quiet information about political games going on between your own country and the country you want to study in.

Little could Amanda Knox have known that the Italian government want to have employees of the US state department extradited. Little could she have known about the anger among the Italian population over an accidential shooting of an Italian spy in Iraq or the breach of Italian airspace in connection with the Achille Lauro highjacking. There was simply too much tension so the Italian police could not let her go when they got the chance to arrest her and interview her for so many hours so none could have avoided confessing.

Certain countries should be avioded. Here in Denmark the showtrial against Camilla Broe might never happen as it is too obivious that the charges against her were made only to give the DEA headlines as heros.

However, even her case has resulted in a webpages being created to warn possible Danish citizens from working or studying abroad. It is long overdue. Too many still leave Denmark too young and too naive to make it in a foreign culture where they are exposed of cultural fauna polluting.

Cultural fauna polluting is dangerous. Strange ideas are brought back to Denmark where we now see a huge attack on a vital part of the Danish culture.

We must prepare our youth to remain strong on their values. We don't need another Camilla Broe. Other countries are taking the same approach. May the day come where we can prevent people from living outside their own country.


  1. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING. Camilla Broe sent Ectasy to our children in the USA and you claim her to be a victim. Our youth has died and we are to feel sorry for this opportunist who drugged her was into prison?

  2. Why do the people of Denmark who have never met Camilla Broe claim her to innocent? Those who know her watched with pain as she destroyed her life and those innocent youth of America. Stop saying YOU KNOW SHE IS INNOCENT when you have never met her. Were you with her when she was packing the mules with drugs to send to our country? Exchange students are fine in America. Just do not bring your drugs with you;.

  3. Camilla Broe will face the truth that all of you in Denmark know nothing about. Were you in the hotel room with her in Amsterdam? Did you turn your head when she packed people with Ectasy to send to America? How can you claim her innocent unless you stood beside her all those years. Our youth suffered at her evil distribution of drugs only for financial gain. She then got pregnant by Jacob Orgad drug kingpin aka Koki. Be better informed and then post a comment with facts and not with pity of a guilty drug trafficing woman. I pity her daughter of Jacob Orgad. A no win situation for a daughter of two drug lords.

  4. I am happy that someone starts to think about the dangers we expose our youth to when they travel abroad.

    Personally as a Dane I simply don't have the surplus to think about if an exchange student might have done something wrong when they were abroad as they claimed Woodward, Knox and Broe might have done. Their victims are not Danish taxpayers so if they die or live is of no concern to me.

    I know that I properly not will be able to get early retirement (efterloen) when I will be worn down, so anyone in another country can walk the high road or suffer. It is their concern.

    If the police arrest an exchange student who is stupid enough to leave their own student while they are abroad it is OK with me. It was their choosing to expose themselves to the risk of an arrest by police in an undeveloped country.

    I did choose not be an exchange student for this very reason.

    But I will not accept that a alien nation can come to Denmark and take one of our citizens back once the exchange student has returned. That is what the Broe case is about.

    Finally we have to fight these crazy mormons who have lobbied our government to turn Denmark into another teen-prison like they run in Utah. Danish youth should be allowed access to all kind of alcohol. We want to remain a peaceful country. We know that denying alcohol to youth means riots and the youth shooting at bikers and anyone else. We have already seen that in parts of Denmark. Stop this crazy law.

  5. I believe that Denmark should not be a hiding place for criminals.

    Thats why I accept that Camilla Broe was extradited.

    Thats also why I accept that some refugees from Iraq were deported. Of course some will face prison and properly even death when they return home for a little as converting from being a Muslim to the Christian fate.

    But we have to accept that laws are different abroad. If we accept that conspiracy and obstruction of justice can be a crime in one country then we also have to accept that converting from one fate to another can be a crime in another country. We have to stop housing both types of criminals.

    So I hope that the latest deportations will not be the last one. As stated in the newspapers they are behind schedule, so they better catch up so people cannot claim that Camilla Broe was unfairly treated.

  6. Camilla Broe is a convicted criminal. She smuggled ecstasy and now she pays the price.
    That still being the case, i think in the circumstances, she should serve her time back home in Denmark and not in an American prison.
    If not only for her protection, but so her little daughter might have a resemblance to a normal life.
    Still, i believe her to be guilty and that she should serve her time.

    also, of course people have to live in other countries!
    Its called exchanging values and cultures, not breaking them down.
    Actually i think young people especially, should go and visit and live in other countries and learn other ways of thinking and in that way develop their own identities.

    May the day come where narrowmindedness is at an end is what I say..