Monday, September 28, 2009

Todays headline reminds us Danes of an awful time

Today a Danish soccer player had an accident with his car. He was lucky to escape it with only minor injuries. The speed of his car was not that high. Sources in Denmark speaks of a limited 160 km/hour.

Here in our team we are somewhat worried. Some years back another Danish soccer player was driving home from training. One of his teammates hit a woman. Because this woman ruteless used the oppotunity to take her 5. seconds of fame, he was charged even if he was not in the car that was involved in the accident.

As result he was given a harsh sentence properly based on the fact that he is a Dane and a foreigner in the United Kingdom.

The setence was even harder than his teammate who was involved in the accident.

Just because he is a Danish citizen!

Now we hope that the police would avoid to fall into the trap where xenophobia is the only reason to punish our soccer player.

We will be watchting the authorities. We will not accept racism without criticism of the authorities in the United Kingdom again.

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