Friday, November 27, 2009

A very special post

Normally this blog is about Danes who have been exposed of xenophobia abroad.

But this post is an advice to foreigners to avoid being victim for xenophobia in Denmark.

Most know that the Copenhagen Climate Council is just around the corner. In relationship with this party for the world leaders where they pretend to work for a better world while they enjoy the services of our sex-workers, our good food and our normally fine hospitality, our government has declared state of emergency.

The police can detain you for 12 hours without involvement of the courts and without charging you for a crime if they think you will be participating in a riot in the future - tomorrow or next year.

Prison sentences are tough during the summit.

But foreigners must observe a new rule, which allow the authorities to deport foreigners for participating in a demonstration which turn into riots. Because a lot of the politicians participating in this summit are dictators back home, some protesters will be there for other reasons than the climate. The risk of riots are great, so the safest strategy for foreigners is to remain at home and not enter Denmark.

Please listen to this advice: Ignore the Climate Council.

The politicians have decided that the climate issue is a task for world leaders and high profile politicians only. It is not an issue for you as an ordinary citizen.

I hope you take this advice into your heart. It is for your own good!


  1. What a wonderful plea. I don't believe that people from other cultures can understand our civil way to conduct protests.

    It would be better to avoid protests at all and leave the corrupt politicians to be over with their meeting so we can go back to normal.

  2. I also believe that we just need to get this over with. I was a mistake from the very start off to agree to host it.

    The cost, which is sending our relief-workers to India for trial cannot be an option. It was a bad trade-off our former prime minister had.