Saturday, March 2, 2013

Once again Danish tourists are unfairly targeted in France

Six high school students were unfairly treated by a hotel in Val d'Isère. Complaints who were not documented led to them being thrown out of the hotel where they were staying.

The travel company Nortlander was of no use and it is not recommended to use such a company. More in general purchase of good from France and travel destinations should be considered very carefully as a general dislike of Danes and our values. For the last decade Danish tourists have tried to act more like British tourists who due to size of their once so widespread empires have the experience in visiting foreign cultures.

But there are small communities which are hostile forwards tourists. It is basically xenophobia. France is slowly becoming such a place. It is not clear whether it is the raising retirement age which is the cause but it could very well be the case. The population down there has not known struggling and they have been able to retire almost a full decade before the workers in other European countries. The retirement age in all of Europe is about to be harmonized but they still miss some years before they reach the same retirement age as in Denmark where it is 67 years. It seems that every year they are pushed result in violence and strikes.

The laziness of the people in France is almost a legacy and now they are taking their frustration out against innocent tourists. It would be better to stay out of France until they have been taught to work as hard and as long as people in the rest of Europe.

Gymnasieelever smidt ud af skiparadis - truet med knipler og tåregas (BT)

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