Saturday, March 30, 2013

India stops Danish tourists

It has been reported that Danes who want to choose India as destination for their holiday should consider otherwise.

The authorities in New Delphi have intervened against the humanitarian tourists who enter India to spend a mixture of a holiday and aid in India. Typically they volunteer for a number of days in group homes or hospitals.

But the recent extradition case of a Danish humanitarian has brought attention to this form of holiday and has angered the central government in New Delphi who believes that they govern a modern state. New set of rules has prevented many of them from entering India. Tourists are recommended to find other places where their aid can be useful.

Continued aid to the general population who unlike the political elite up in New Delphi suffers disclose to the world that India is poor undeveloped country which should not have been allowed to exist from the very start.

Fact is that India is founded on violence and has been expanding on violence. When the British had saved the population from the Japanese attacks during World War II they wanted out and the states that had been the core of the peninsula for centuries were given 3 choices.

  • They could join the India central government being governed by the political elite in the central government.
  • They could have their own independent state.
  • They could join Pakistan as an alternative.

States like Junagadh, Hyderabad, Bilaspur, Bhopal and Travancore were forced to become a part of India. In 1960 India suddenly attacked the areas Portugal was negotiating to transfer to India. Peaceful talks and negotiations have never been something the central government in New Delphi has been used to.

So we are talking of a non-democratic state (proven in Danish court 2012 as part of the extradition case) which believe that they had a role to play in the international community. Even neighboring countries like Ceylon had to endure their interference. They were however taught a lesson by a freedom fighter named Thenmozhi Rajaratnam.

The aid given by Danish tourist is an embarrassment for the central government. That is why Danish tourists have been targeted. It doesn't matter much. In fact Denmark would not suffer if trade between our countries would be brought to a full stop. In Denmark workers from India has only brought suffering and hunger as when they provided cheap labor in the CSC conflict. For young Danes their interference have resulted in a lowering of students seeking jobs inside the information technologies sector as they would not be able to feed their families for the low salaries the outcome of the CSC-conflict has resulted in.

There is a general concern that other third world countries which concern themselves very little of the wellbeing of their population would walk down the same path as India. Denmark has a large industry dealing with human-aid projects in the third world. Bribes which are necessary to be in that area results in kickbacks to the Danish industry who sells luxury goods to officials and politicians. Jobs could be at stake.

For the Danish tourists this situation could open their minds for aid to Danish citizens who has been suffering by the removal of early retirement and cuts in students grants. The time for aid abroad made by ordinary citizens has come to an end. The Danish population who are among the people in the world who are suffering at most could really use the help and aid from their common citizens.


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