Friday, February 15, 2013

Prague is a violet place for tourists

News about arrests and attacks on Danish tourists has reached Denmark. The country which has seen better times when it was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire lacks obvious security for Tourists. For the last decade the city has been advertised as a party capital due to lack of culture and points of interest leaving the only option to market it as the place to party 24-7.

For many parents it might seem just as safe to let the children party in Prague as in parts of Copenhagen like Norrebro known to be a place where you can be killed just 10 minutes after arriving to it like an Italian tourist experienced some years back. But remember that the police don't speak Danish down there. The use of ethnical profiling which have lowered crime the last 10 years in Denmark is not used to the advantage of the children down there.

It seems that the tourist industry has no support from the local authorities. It puts the entire business at risk and a choosing the Czech republic and Prague as holiday destination might be too risky in the future.



  1. The country which has seen better times when it was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - wtf? Love to see you back that one up with some evidence.
    By the way the Danish students were actually stabbed by other Danish students, who were then held by the police. If Danish students come and drink heavily, underage, and smash the place up, we would rather they didn´t come thanks very much.

  2. To clear it up Anon#1, about the stabbing.. The Danish students were not stabbed by native Danes in either of the 2 attacks, They were stabbed by ethnic danes (turkish in both cases) who resides in Denmark, just like 95% of stabbings in Denmark is aswell.

  3. What a nonsense, its the other way around, drunk danish students are the ones making mess, stabing each other, they are not the victims

  4. Fact is that the hotels and the travel agency did market Praque as the perfect destination for a binge drinking holiday. They asked for this particular type of customer.

    If they don't want youth binge drinking why don't the Hotels not choose to market the Czech Republic for something else?

    I have no idea what there is to look at in Praque. In my viewpoint they removed their history in 1946 when they expelled roughly 3,000,000 people in order to start over as a new state.

    If they want to avoid Danish tourists in Praque they just have to trible the price for alcohol in general and remove the easy access to weapon. Then the Viking gene will not kick in and lure young Danes to their country. They are complaining of something they have asked for entirely on their own.

    1. Well, if you don't know what is there to look at, please come and see for yourself. Prague may very well be the second nicest city after Paris in Europe, and there are many smaller nice towns all around the country, not to mention that the Czech Republic has the highest number of castles relative to the site of the country in the world.

      Yes, expelling 2 million of ethnic Germans (while 400K of proved anti-Nazi Germans were allowed to stay) is horrible to imagine from today's point of view, however that is what was seen as a necessity to prevent another WW in 1945 not only by the Czechs, but also by all allied powers (see Article 12 of Potsdam Agreement). In a situation when the official German policy was to "kill 1/3 of Czechs, expel 1/3 of Czechs to the East and Germanize the rest" and the NSDAP still had triple backing by ethnic Germans in the Czech lands compared to Germany, with 1938 expulsions of half-a-million of Czechs from Sudetenland and with 360.000 Czech war casualties, one can understand that cohabitation was not imaginable in 1945 anymore.

      As regards the proposition to change prices/local laws - sorry, I like the beer price just the way it is and I also like to carry my gun whenever I like, as well as I believe that everyone should be able to grow their weed legally without the government putting their noses into it (although I don't smoke myself). No, we won't change our ways just because of some tourists who can't cope being in a free country for a weekend and end up buying combat knives, getting piss drunk, using Nazi salutes and fighting in the streets. But all who believe that this is the way to party in Prague should pack also some lubricant, because they sure will need it in the prison (like those who are now waiting for trial for attacking cops and stabbing other people).

  5. This says it all: