Saturday, February 16, 2013

Camilla Broe awarded DKK 701,362.11 in compesation

Camilla Broe who was cleared of all charges after she had spent two years in prison in both Denmark and the United States was awarded DKK 701,362.11 in compensation for the time spent in Danish prisons while she was waiting for her extradition case to be solved.

It has turned out to be a hard lesson learned for the Danish society when corrupted authorities abroad fabricate charges against Danes. The department of justice should have read the charges and should have reached the same conclusion as the court in Miami ended up doing a year later.

But somehow they managed to do an absolutely poor job translating the charges to Danish.

The case had widespread consequences. When India approached Denmark so they could get the author and humanitarian Niels Holck extradited the court knew in advance that foreign authorities in general lie so they decided that no extradition could take place to India. A country like Nigeria who likes to try a Danish journalist who has exposed their corruption decided no even try having the Journalist Mads Brugger extradited because the viewpoint of court system in Denmark has been known in other countries.

Due to the fact that she originally entered the United States as an exchange student her case also caught the attention of adviser organizations for parents considering sending their children abroad for a year abroad. She became an icon like Amanda Knox, who was framed for a murder by a prosecutor convicted of abusing office and Louise Woodward convicted of a murder many years back but was cleared by the advancement in forensic research.

The compensation does only cover her time spent in Danish jails. If she wants to receive compensation for her time spent unjustly in the United States she has to sue them over there. Unfortunately conducting a case in that country demands a lot of money she doesn't have, so it would be unlikely.

We must all hope that this long saga in justice is over. The lessons learned are that if you want safety and a fair court system where you live then you have to remain in Denmark.


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