Thursday, September 20, 2018

Brought down by political corruption in Zambia

Kim Andersen was an ordinary business man selling helicopters in Zambia. Suddenly a rigged election brought a new tribe came into power and ended his business career. He tried to go into other business ventures but in the end the new political elite in the country cooked up charges and he ended in prison.

Long gone is the structure and peace created by Cecil Rhodes. The entire country is a turmoil of political corruption. Not even the railroad built by the cost of Chinesee lives are properly maintained.

Of course he should have left the country once the so-called election went against his backers. In fact such countries deserve neighter our business opportunies or the money from tourists.

Now Kim Andersen is back in Denmark where the state of Denmark realizing that unjust was done has given him a small apartment and a plan to be reintegrated back into the Danish society.

Hopefully his story will be a warning against young people trying seek careers outside Denmark. The business ethics which he worked by, is typical for people with modest social heritage. If you are born poor, your life will be served if you serve in a Danish firm in Denmark than living abroad and taking chances, which can make you vulnerable toward obviously unfounded criminal charge.

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