Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Treatment of youth is often abuse and when they react, they are suddenly the criminal

Denmark has in the past proven that they are willing to dump troubled youth in another country. In Spain the authorities discovered a kid marooned on an island which seldom receives more than a few visitors looking for birds. He had been thrown of a boat which belonged to a firm which sailed troubled youth far away from Denmark so their actions would not hurt Danish citizens back home.

Also up in the dark forests in Sweden there have been torture stories about troubled youth. In one of these wilderness programs, the kids rebelled. They were tricked on the trip believing that it was a kind of holiday and then they suddenly had to endure what former soldiers suffering from PTSD put them through. In the end they believed that they were in a real war and a lot of trouble came from that. The teenagers were convicted in court. The authorities realized that they made a mistake because the use of wilderness programs stopped and the next year the teenagers were sent to Danish beaches enjoying happier days.

That is really what treatment of troubled teenagers should be about. Warehousing them under decent condition until the teenagers themselves want to change.

Sadly that is not the case at Turn-about Ranch in Utah. Known from TV for starting the career of English model and reality star Jemma Lucy, they force teenagers through a confronting program. For reasons unknown - properly pure luck - no teenagers have died in their program. However a number of teenagers having left their program claim to suffer from PTSD. But no death until 2016.

That changed when a teenager tried to escape. Sadly an employee lost his life and now the teenager has been charged with first degree murder. That is insane! Did he plan his escape for years or did he just take a chance to escape? Properly he just tried to escape.

But then. He is an outsider. He properly doesn't even share the same religious fate as the locals. He will go down hard because like many small cities in Utah, Escalante in Utah lives of Turn-about Ranch. Despite how wrong the entire idea of the ranch is, jobs are more important.

I am not happy putting a burden on contries like Sweden and Spain when it comes to troubled youth. We should take care of our problems ourselves. I believe that the young man who came out of state to Utah should have been cared for at home or at least in his hometown. Why they have not made it illegal to transport teenagers across statelines for treatment, I don't know. All I know is that at least two families are now suffering thanks to a currupt education consultant who are paid twice by both parents and the ranch for making his referral.

I fight against any kind of outsourcing of trouble. No Dane under 18 should go abroad. Not to be treated. Not to be educated. As Danes we have enough in ourselves. Nothing good comes from leaving your country.

In fact the terrorist who gunned people down in Copenhagen last year was victims of small trips back home arranged by his family so he wouldn't be too Danish and become more radikalized.

This evil must stop.

The life of the young man who was at Turn-about Ranch is lost. His fate and the fact that he was an alien in the state of Utah secures that.

However it must never be repeated.


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