Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update on tourism and Spain - assault on a Danish girl

A young Danish woman was assaulted outside a night club.

A group of young men aged between 20 and 24 was behind the attack which left her with damaged eye-sight. The interesting part is that the Spanish police are looking for a young immigrant from Morocco who is suspected to have left the country. A young boy who does not fit the description the girl and her friends gave.

Pressure seems also to have been put on the personal of the night club by the police. They changed their story from identifying a group of older men to the group which should have included the immigrant. We can only assume that the Spanish police for some reason see no interest in solving this crime. Was the real criminal a local man from a rich and influential family?

This case together with the case against the two so-called shows that Spain is no longer to be considered safe for tourists.

Not only are most modern people with various social network accounts where they publish almost everything regarding their life at risk if they travel to Spain due to the risk of blackmail.

The Spanish police itself do nothing to solve crimes committed against foreigners but to blame random poor immigrants as fall-guys. In the case against Melissa Reid and Michaella Connolly the police have according to our knowledge not arrested anyone from the nightclub to have them detained while they investigate the case. The Spanish Police is fully justified to arrest the entire number of employees and detain them for as long as they prefer and yet they have not acted.

In the meantime the British girls have been advised to plead guilty in order to avoid “accidents” in the prison and a promise of shorter sentence. The authorities in Peru are known to have a kind of arrangement with the drug smuggling industry where they get some smugglers handed in return of looking the other way when larger quantities are sent off at the same time. It is cheap easy earned publicity for the police to have them looking good while everyone knows that the crime against drugs are not working on any level down there.

The conclusion is that Spain is dangerous for visitors. Spain should be avoided at all cost. There are countries out there where they appreciate visitors and their money more, so why not travel to a destination where you as a tourist is liked?

Efter overfaldet: Jeg ser kun skygge (EkstraBladet - in Danish language)

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