Tuesday, May 14, 2013

German invasion: It is a question about setting the correct price

The owners of beach houses in Blaavand - a small hamlet in the northern part of Jutland - reports of 15 to 20 damaged houses due to an old German tradition of invading Denmark in April as they have done since 1940. Of course the modern Germany doesn’t send soldiers to Denmark so they can rest like they did in the past. Today the modern German visitor is a student aged between 15 and 20, who enjoy our laws regarding soft non-dangerous alcohol with a percentage below 16.5 which can be purchased by anybody aged above 16.

Of course the large number of visitors takes its toes on the houses. Of course the presence of several hundred of foreigners put its mark on a small community. But we are not Prague. We knew what the kind of marketing we sold Denmark on would bring of customers.

So the houses will be rebuilt and if a local Mayor speaks of his community being unable to attract tourists there are many other Hamlets to choose among. Jobs are needed and the economy will benefit when larger number of tourists arrive.

As for the damages. It is only a question about setting the price so that possible damages can be covered.

Blåvand: Bureau melder om 15-20 beskadigede sommerhuse (Jydske Vestkysten)

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