Friday, January 11, 2013

Mariam Rasmussen in Israel

In the Danish newspaper Politiken a mother published a story about her 19 year old daughter who was held back by the immigration authorities in Israel when she tried to enter the country for a 6 week long holiday.

The daughter was subjected to violence and humiliating act during her short stay in Israel before she was deported. The Danish embassy was of no help due to our strong business connections. Orange import is important for Danes who lived in a harsh climate where many people are hit by illnesses during the long winter and because the military in Israel act harshly against the heathens they are kind of admired by the general consumers in Denmark. Most consumers would choose Jaffa oranges when they can pick between several kinds of oranges in shops.

But why was a 19 year old student with apparently no connections deemed as a national threat against Israel?

Maybe because she wanted to volunteer in areas Israel has occupied.

It is not what the mother writes in her article. She seemed to overlook the lesson we have been taught as result of the Niels Holck case. Danes should not aid or in any way support the third world on private basis. As some properly know the Danish author and humanitarian Niels Holck has been unfairly accused of terrorism by India. Nevertheless it is a government matter or a matter for large organization which have the means to bribe officials in order to ensure a smooth and efficient distribution of aid.

Second Danes who have commented the article seem to doubt whether the mother and daughter have been christened as most Danes. Were they heathens and was this the cause of the harsh treatment in Israel?

We don't know that. For us among me who believe in the Norse religion we would like to believe that Israel like Denmark accept heathens. However ethnic profiling has been used with success by the Danish police regardless of how criticized the method is. But we don't think that the immigration authorities in Israel dislike Danes in general.

Should tourists visit Israel with this incident in their minds?

It is a hard question to answer, but I have to say: NO

What is terrorism as of 2013? It is just a matter of a list and who holds office in various countries. The freedom fighters of today can be a terrorist tomorrow and you could share name or gender with some who is a terrorist and become the victim of mistaken identity.

So people should avoid traveling to Israel.

Source (In Danish)
Min datter blev ydmyget og slået som turist i Tel Aviv (Politiken)

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  1. This girl is a Muslim of Palestinian origin who has been very active in anti-Israel work in Denmark. So please forget all about old Norse religion here!
    No wonder the Israeli immigration authorities wanted to examine her more thorougly when she claimed to be a tourist. A tourist is not supposed to do peace work among your country's enemies - or...? Just google her! Her mother's article does not mention any of this so perhaps the family's hatred of Israel has resulted in this "story" of humiliation and violence!!
    May I add that I have visited Israel five times without ever being questioned but only met with a "Welcome in Israel" - and I am not Jewish. Best regards - Henny Rønne