Friday, July 8, 2011

When the police is corrupt you stand no chances

This is a special post as there are no Danes involved. However it could be of interest for exchange students and tourists thinking of visiting Bolivia

We have just learned that Col. Milton Sánchez Pantoja who was responsible for the arrest of 3 woman from Norway has been arrested for drug trafficing. The very same charge which were brought against the Norwegian women.

2 of the women are serving what is basically a life sentence considering the primitive conditions in the jail. There are no television or just cells of similar standard as even one of the toughest prisons in Norway - Halden prison - can present.

One of the women escaped back home before the trial could start and she is facing a show trial where the authorities may be forced to convict her of something so they won't meet too much opposition if they try to exchange the 2 woman out of Bolivia before they die due to the poor sanitary conditions in the jail.

Was this a basic setup by the authorities to catch attention so they could smuggle their good out of the country? It could very well be the case.

When the police force in a country is corrupt, none are safe. Please avoid Bolivia at all cost.

Top Bolivian Official Is Arrested and Sent to U.S. on Drug Charges (New York Times, February 27, 2011
Halden Prison - Norwegian homepage
Tror på frifinnelse for lillesandskvinnen About the women who managed to escape from Bolivia

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