Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tourists are defenceless i New Zealand

The brother of one of our patriots who fell in the line of Duty in Afghanistan only a few days before Christmas in 2008 were jailed in New Zealand for trying to defend himself in a local bar brawl.

We all remember the sad day in 2008 where terrorist took the lives of no less than three servicemen, among them the brother of the convicted backpacker. The loss had a huge impact on his family in Denmark who were left behind.

Without being able to find peace in life the brother left his home traveling as a backpacker while trying to regain control in his life.

It was on this journey he saw the fight between a Dutch tourist and a local man. Still traumatized by the loss, he stepped in to protect the other tourist. A Dutchman he might have met at the hostel.

For this he now got a month in jail which can only be contributed to a court system favoring locals and shunning outsiders.

It is difficult to tell if the general hostility Danes in many part of the world experience due to our battle against the morale supply lines of terrorism fought with tools like the cartoon war did play a part in this harsh conviction. New Zealand seems not to have contributed to the involvement of air forces in Afghanistan so it seems that they don't want to be a part in the war on terrorism at all.

Was his conviction a condemnation of the nations fighting this war rather than a result of the individual act? It is hard to say.

We will pray that he returns to Denmark safely and he will get help from the RCT once he return home.

But with the question of New Zealands stand in the war against terrorism not answered, the only advice to Danish tourists in general must be not to visit this country.

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