Thursday, December 16, 2010

A warning against studying in Italy

Today an appeal court in Italy ruled against some alleged CIA-against who alleged abducted a person in Italy. The original verdict and the opposition from United States to extradite the so-called agents to Italy to they could face the Italian version of what they call justice, was properly the heaviest factor in the ruling against Amanda Knox. The jurors felt that it was time to send a signal that if the United States did not comply with standard in the justice system they themselves believe nations should commit them to; they would just convict another American.

Let us not forget that the United States had worked hard to demand people extradited from various countries if they believed that these persons were guilty. Denmark did extradite a woman in 2009 and she was exonerated from all charges early 2010.

Now the Amanda Knox case has reached the appeal court and then it is important to observe how the Imam-rapito case did in the appeal courts. A verdict has just been published and it seems that the sentences have been increased.

It is bad news for Amanda Knox as she functions like a hostage until the United States administration will give up the so-called CIA agents and send them to Italy so they can serve out their sentence.

For some time there have been signals from Italy going in the other direction. It is hardly a secret that the case is the mastermind of a prosecutor who has been convicted of abuse of his position - a person who has been convicted to hard time in prison for his actions.

Still with the knowledge about the charges, the government did not suspend him during the case against him. They allowed him to create the case against Amanda Knox based on so-called forensic evidence. Evidence which have been honored in Rome long before the court ruled on it. Amanda Knox was found guilty by the system years before the verdict came in court.

The organization behind the webpage "Exchange Student Information" warns Danish students against studying in Italy and the case above makes this warning easy to understand. Never before has a verdict been influenced so much by international politics.

It leaves small hope for Amanda Knox and her family.

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