Sunday, August 1, 2010

Once again the airline companies demostrate powerplay

We have learned that a Danish actors - Thomas Bo Larsen and former atlet Joachim B. Olsen were detained shortly due to a complaint from a flight attendant, who made false accusations against Mr. Larsen for being drunk during the flight.

The police cleared the matter shortly after the landing but not before the two Danes had to experiense the torment of being falsely arrested.

Mr. Larsen has made a formel complaint against the flight attendant.

It is not the first time, xenophobia against Danes has taken on board aircrafts. Back in 2006 the Danish supermodel caught a flight attendant bending over her to look at her breasts when she woke during the flight. She pushed him away only to be arrested when the plane landed and charged with violence against the flight attendant.

Sadly the trial ended with plea deal where May Andersen had to endure medical treatment against a psychological illness they had not even diagnosed at her (Anger-managent course).

A month later a Swedish supermodel named Marzena Kamizela were arrested when her treatment against treatment against flying anxiety went wrong. The treatment recommended in Scandiavia include a combination of alcohol and relaxing pills so people with flying anxiety can sleep during the flight. The airline company didn't want her to receive the human rights which were given to airline passengers as result of the Peter Buck verdict, so the plane was diverted to a rural part of Canada where the court system is rather harsh against foreigners. She received a huge fine.

It is important to realize that you as an passenger are at the mercy of the airline companies if you choose to travel with them. Modern airline travel is no longer expected to be a pleasant experience and it should be avoided if possible.

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Example 1: A Danish supermodel was arrested and thrown into jail in Miami, Danish Xenophobia Victims

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  1. I don't know if they are about to change policies. I saw that a flight attendant was arrested today. What he did was nothing out of the ordinary compared what we have seen previous. Regardless of that he was in fact arrested. Let see if the charges can stick. It would be a change.

    JetBlue flight attendant grabs beer, deploys slide, cops say - USAtoday, August 10, 2010