Friday, April 2, 2010

Maxwell Mccord - new entry on our webpage

Based on a comment given on our blog we investigated the case of Maxwell Mccord. Based on our finding we accepted this case on our webpage.

Here is the entry:

Maxwell Mccord emigrated to the United States representing Danish firms abroad. Danish firms have learned a lot from Japanise firms. The general rule is that the manager stationed abroad is that he doesn't speak the language abroad because he is the embassdor for the head office back home. He must not be compromized by local customs or even bribed. To translate his orders he has subordinate doing the unpleasant job.

Mr. Mccord was an exception and perhaps that's the reason that he ended up in trouble. Maybe he offended some local business partners and they decided to frame him. He had to spend 3 years in jail accused for the murder of his wife before he was aquitted. The reason for him being charged with murder seems to be based solely on the fact that he was a foreigner.

Justice was served in the end but he is here to find because his arrest hurt the possibilites for the Danish industry as whole. It prevented our businesses from playing a major role in this market and cause our industry to rely solely on local employees which are expendable.

Rather surprising at that time there was little involvement from the Danish authorities regardless of the fact that Danish jobs were on the line and the legal system in the United States is designed so it is rather difficult to achieve another result in the appeal than the orginal sentence handed out by a lower court. Had Mccord been found guilty it would have been difficult to achieve the correct result later.

This case learned Danish firms that local firms sometime will go to the full extend to protect the local market. Today youth are warned against working abroad where legal protection often is of another standard than at home.

Second it learned the Danish public that holding a Danish passport is not guarantee that you are safe from being victimized by local dirty politics.

Drabssag mod dansker ved at være slut, BT
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  1. You must be blind. The guy was un-known to all it seems. Drug user, wife beater, swindler and murderer. Movies? really!

  2. This is a shameless disgrace to Denmark. McCord is a criminal who abused the American system of justice perfectly and played every international trick in the book to get away with murder. Now you would spin it so far as this? Shame on you; you are perpetrating a fraud on your own people.

  3. biggest load of BS i have ever heard, he is just saying that because he wants his daughter to think that he did nothing wrong when in fact he did the worst one could have ever done, kill the mother of his "daughter". oh and btw he was not even part of those weren't his associates he was an employee i seriously fucking hate him

  4. OMG YOU GUYS !! I can't believe you..... My eyes are filled with tears reading all your judgemental crap.
    Max is the sweetest guy i've ever known, and he wouldn't hurt ANYONE and especially not Maria. He loved her so much, and he was finally happy with his life. Thet had the most wonderful daughter, Andrea.

    There is no need to doubt it, he is innocent. You don't know the real story. You just know what you've read and seen in the media.

  5. I'm so shocked he was acquitted!! Are you kidding me? With all the evidence against him? Something is fishy!! Justice has been perverted!! And you call him "Sweetest guy?...he wouldn't hurt ANYONE?" Yeah, that's what his wife thought too!! Now she's dead!! her daughter is motherless and Maria Noguera's family is daughterless!! Explain that!! Sooner or later the truth will come out!

  6. I live in Weston and I know what happened that night. That guy murdered his wife. No doubt about it. MCCORD IS GUILTY!

    1. PLEASE!! I need to know everything. I need to know the names. This is extremly important. Please tell me everything that you know, when I gather the info that I need I will post my name and email so that you can contact me. Everything that you know, please my life practically depends on this.

  7. This is crucial. I need to know all the information that everyone has. You guys definitivly know something if you are still looking at something that happend almost 12 years ago. Please write your name and last name. I WILL post mine after everything but please! I need to know why people say that he is innocent / guilty. Who lived in Weston? Please its everything for me. I need to know.

  8. Feb 16, what is the real story?
    Jun 1, how did you know them? Where you a friend?
    Thanks, A

  9. like holy fucking shit cant you tell me whats happening like now? i need to know about maxwell mccord. -A