Saturday, August 15, 2009

Raid of the Brorson church - unfortunately necessary

I am somehow sad that we had to let our police enter the Brorson Church under the circumstances our government did choose.

But it was necessary.

We have to look at the situation in Iraq. As some may know we supported the United States in the cloned war so Bush Junior could revenge his father and bring Hussein down. It was not an easy job and unfortunately families in Denmark have to bare the grief because several of our service men have lost their lives while trying to liberating the country and maintaining the peace.

So we have a special responsibility to protect these refugees until democracy and security was restored in Iraq. Because Iraq never at any point will be a peaceful Christian country like our regardless of how much democracy they will introduce, we cannot use our own scale to measure if the country is safe. The only people who can state whether Iraq is safe to return to, is the government in Iraq and we must accept their judgment without criticism.

The government in Iraq has stated that they are ready to receive our refugees at least twice per week. Sometime they state that they are not, but translation is often rather difficult from foreign languages to a language as cultivated and difficult as Danish is, so should't we overlook these minor misunderstandings and look at a rather clear sign that they are ready to move on.

This sign came when the government in Iraq took initiative to in-source security tasks which were serviced by private firms from United States and United Kingdom. Firms like Blackwater, which represents the finest in ethics and commitment when it came to solve the task they were assigned.

Some firms did not have time to shut down their operations in time and a young man from the United Kingdom is properly going to be victim of a process of democratization, which has gone faster than anyone could anticipate. The new laws would properly be shut down as distortion of competition if it was an EU-membership country which had introduced such rules, but the goverment of Iraq wants to show that they can do it on their own just as a toddler will try to take on his clothes on his own. It is something just something we have to accept just as any parent must accept that a child grows up.

It is just sad if a normal work accident in such a business should have severe legal consequences for this young man. He should be put on a plane and be tried before a court in the United Kingdom.

But this incident was the sign for the citizens of Denmark to demand that the refugees time in Denmark are over.

It is not been free for us to house them. The country Denmark was in the 1980's before the first Gulf war does not exist anymore. It would be an overstatement to claim that Denmark is even a welfare nation today. This symbol of our welfare - our early retirement solution called "Efterloen" - has been altered so it is worthless. Hardworking people can now look forward to nothing!

If you combine this fact with the strict age-rules regarding purchase of alcohol and tobacco, the extreme fines for speeding on our roads and the existence of private parking firms, which are tormenting the citizens of Denmark, you get a picture of a nation in crisis and a pupulation, which is suffering as bad as countries during wars. The situation is so bad that most refugees estimated from 60 to 70 percent flee from similar circumstances before entering our country in order to seek asylum. It is not their fault that Denmark is seen as a country with a certain surplus. It is the evil and ruthless helpers who direct them to our country which are on the point of breaking under this burden. They are basically cheated and now they don't understand why they have to return home.

I doubt that we ever will be in a position where we can make them understand how hard it has been to house them while watching our own society slowly but steady going down path forwards disintegration. We was not used to be robbed in our own homes and that should be a daily risk to be shot at while walking our streets.

Hopefully they will be able to find peace as productive citizens in the Iraq we have helped them to create.

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  1. Yes indeed. I am surprised in fact that more danes are not clamouring at the gates of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen begging for asylum.