Saturday, July 4, 2009

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As we in Denmark are discussing the perhaps latest victim to earn a place on the webpage for Danes who have been exposed of xenophobia abroad, I will like to present what this blog is about.

The webpage on its self have only limited coverage on each of the cases. On this blog I will publish background material on each case so people can learn why those people ended up being placed on this webpage.

I have written with some of the people from the Institute for dissemination of Danish culture and information.

The reason for the existense of the webpage was that Denmark has been critized the recent years.

Presently we have problems with socalled refugees, which don't want to return to Iraq for unknown reasons. We know that Iraq has to be safe. They were travelling down there on holidays from a Swedish airport to cover their tracks. Second of all the government down there wouldn't have accepted to take them back if it was unsafe because then the government would loose face. We just have to get them out because Denmark is undergoing some tough times right now so we have to make it into "It's them or us". The police has even announced that is it considered a criminal act to support them in person for in writing.

Denmark is unfortunately a member of the European Union. The EU is all about harmonization. The concept is that all member states allign their standard on a certain area to the level of the poorest country. Because Denmark's standards on almost everything are second to none, it means that we will suffer until the other countries can caught up with us. For some decades we even have to lower our standards. People will start to starve in Denmark.

Second of all the European rules about immigration allows people from all parts of the Union to come to Denmark and enjoy the benefits in our country without working for them. Our borders are non-existing which have meant a raise in crime. If you have to compare then it is like the United States allowing people from Mexico to enter and work for free without any control.

So it is very clear for all that there is no room for non-productive people in Denmark. So they have to go.

People are also attacking Denmark for the Cartoon war. It is our most proudest moment since the evacuation of Jews during WWII and back then we did it because it paid will. This time we did it because we did feel for it. It is also our single most effective attack on the morale in the war on terrrorism.

But all that negative press put upon our country seem to have resulted in Danes being exposed of xenophobia in raising numbers and that is what the webpage is about.

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